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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Taking it easy

Can I just say, you all are cracking me up with your baby's first words comments. And the fact that some of you simply don't remember, makes me feel better as a mother. Sound strange? Well, my son's baby book still isn't finished. I don't know for sure what is in there and what is not. I know I added some milestones, but at some point I gave up trying to document everything. I hope that my son doesn't feel left out some day because of that. But you know the next child will have it even worse, so maybe it's OK that I didn't set high expectations with this first child.

How are gas prices there? I am loving being able to fill up my car for only $15.00 again. That feels great, and it sure helps our budget too. We're seeing prices at $1.87 near us, and my parents saw one station on the other side of town at $1.79 last Friday. Nice!

We were so spoiled the last two days. Matt's dad had bought a big gift certificate for a nice restaurant a while ago. It was a complete dinner for 8 people. It ended up being Matt's parents, Matt & I, his sister, my sister and her husband, and my mom (my dad was out of town), and Zachariah of course. We had wonderful appetizers, salads, expensive steaks and seafood, then delicious slices of pie and cheesecake. Zachariah enjoyed tasting a little bit off of everyone's plate. And I brought have of my meal home, so it will be a really yummy lunch some day.

We stayed overnight at my parents' house after that dinner, so we didn't have to drive all the way home. Matt had today off for Veteran's Day anyway. Then we helped my mom with some Christmas decorations this morning. And she needed some furniture moved around. (Yes, she's starting early because she's participating in a Christmas walk open house thing.) Then we went to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings with my sister and mom. Mmmm, and I brought half of that meal home and finished it for supper. Matt had eaten so much that he was never hungry for supper. Wow, I've had it easy.


Nowheymama said...

Good for you for taking it easy!

d e v a n said...

Gas is about $2.11 here. I can't wait till it gets in the 1's again!

Anonymous said...

Not only is my kid's baby book not done, I think I have, maybe all together, about 3 pages of 40 done. I did so little that really I have to just throw it away and pretend like I never did one at all rather than look like the total slacker that I am.

If you want more to make you feel better - we have a large rectangular picture frame. On the far left is a space for a 5x7 pic, then there are 12 small holes with "Month 1, Month 2..." under each one for a pic for each month of your babies first year. The frame is completed up to Month 9. There are 3 blank spots at the end and my kid just turned 2.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you've been able to relax and take it easy....I'm so jealous, too. And hurray about the gas prices. I never thought I'd fill up my van for under $40 ever again.

And how much do you love Buffalo Wild Wings? It is one of our favorite places to eat; we even give out their bottled sauces as Christmas gifts we love it so much.

Cherish said...

sounds like you've had both a relaxing and delicious couple of days

Deleted said...

We're paying $1 a litre here in Canada :D
We fill our Van with $60 :D It's nice for a change!!

Pam said...

Good on you for taking things a bit easy.
I'm not sure why, but diesel is still $3.25 so I'm not catching much of a break with my VW Golf, but it does do 40 MPG.

CP said...

I was all happy today to pay $2.59/gallon. Then I read your post. Bah! I wonder if we'll ever get below $2 in the NW.