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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Because I love you all!

It's time for a giveaway! I've been doing reviews for CSN Stores for a while now, but I want to share the fun with you. They have such a variety of products on their websites. With over 200 online stores CSN Stores has everything you need from a chic leather briefcase, fitness equipment or cookware.

You are all so nice. I love the friendship and support I get on my blog. So because I love you all, and I know you all probably like to shop as much as I do...I'm hosting a giveaway here. Not on my review blog where I get tons and tons of entries. Oh no, this is just for you faithful Mommy Daisy readers. I appreciate you and I want to pass it along.

So watch for a post very soon to see how you can win a Gift Card from CSN Stores!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I still want to write here, in my little space on the internet. Why do I find it so tough to put the words and thoughts in my head down into this tiny space in front of me?

Part of my problem that is there is so much to say that I know I can't possibly say it all at once. Do you know what I mean? I'm sure you've felt like that before too. I need to accept that I can't say it all. This blog is just a small peek into my life. I know there are parts that you, my readers, are missing out on. But the truth is, that's just the way it's going to be no matter what I do.

So, let me just give you a brief overview of what's going on in my life.
*Christmas was fun, busy, but fun. I enjoyed the family time.
*I am no longer babysitting my nephew.
*I enrolled Zachariah in swim lessons again.
*Swim lessons get me to the Y, so I'm actually getting some exercise again.
*I am overwhelmed by even the thought of sorting toys in my son's room.
*We were spoiled for Christmas.
*I've enjoyed more time with my nephews (especially the one I wasn't babysitting- we saw him a lot over the holidays).
*I'm working out our new daily schedules since I'm not babysitting.
*I'm trying to get my house in good, organized shape and a cleaning schedule.

That's what you have to look forward to. And more. I'm hoping to post on this blog twice a week. That's my new year goal. And you can always catch me on Twitter or pester me in e-mail to make sure that I'm still posting.