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Friday, September 14, 2012

What I Didn't Mention

OK, there are some things that I didn't mention in my last post. I had a few pregnancy related problems that we talked with the doctor about.

Remember that glucose test that they wanted me to take? I went to do it, sat there for an hour with the orange stuff in my belly, then my belly rejected it. I was sent home. After a week they told me to go retest.

Since I haven't been feeling great, still, I have not gone back to be retested. The doctor mentioned at this appointment that my fasting glucose level was "a little high". (I'd like to see the numbers.) Therefore, they are putting me on medication that will help with that. And after a while I will just do the regular 1 hour glucose test to check for gestational diabetes.

I'm hoping this will help and there is no other reason for concern. But honestly, I'm past being upset about the conclusions everyone jumped to, and just ready to do what I need to do to have a healthy pregnancy.

The other issue was a little infection from my ...uhh... female check. So I have to take antibiotics for a week too.

I'm now on 3 medications plus a prenatal vitamin. I hope this doesn't all last.

At least we have a healthy little baby growing inside just like it should!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

12 Weeks - A Sneak Peek

I'd like to be able to say that now that I'm 12 weeks pregnant the "morning" sickness has completely disappeared. Unfortunately I can't. The medication is helping, but I've still had a few rough days. It's not completely helping, though, most of the time I can function better with it.

Today I am officially 12 weeks along. I can't believe it! The baby is about the size of a lime, and I had my 2nd OB appointment. This time I got to see one of the doctors, and Matt was able to join me. I had my pap smear (which was long overdue) and some other fun such things. (I'll come back to that.)

The best part was that they tried to listen to the baby's heartbeat on doppler. After searching for some time, the doctor and nurse both reassured me this was normal and if it couldn't be found they could do a quick ultrasound. OK, fine. She tried and tried and couldn't get it. I just smiled and said OK. After the doctor said we'd move to another room for an ultrasound I mentioned this happened with my last pregnancy. The doctor laughed and said, "Now i understand why you're smiling and not crying. You've done this before."

Had this been my sister, she would have been really freaked out given her past experience. But I knew that it could be hard to find a heartbeat and honestly wasn't worried yet. And I was secretly (or maybe not so secretly) excited that I finally get to see my baby!

Thankfully Matt was able to make this appointment, so we were quickly ushered into another room where we had a quick ultrasound. She found the baby with no problem and we were able to heat the steady, strong heartbeat. The heartbeat was around 180 (faster than I ever remember Zachariah's being). The baby was kicking and moving around a LOT! It was great to watch. The doctor wanted to get a measurement while she was looking, but baby just wouldn't cooperate for that. There was not a good view from crown to rump to measure.

So, we walked away with smiles and our first baby picture. (It's a rough picture, I know. Like I said, baby was being uncooperative.)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Good Medicine

I finally gave in last week and called my OB about getting a prescription for my nausea. It was getting bad. I was throwing up a meal at least once a day...and not always at home. I'd had enough. Nothing else seemed to work for me.

Fortunately the practice I'm going to had recommended the prescription and readily called it into my pharmacy. Unfortunately when I got to the pharmacy I found they only had enough medication for a 3 day supply. I took it, knowing it would at least get me through our weekend away.

This stuff rocks. We drove all the way to Columbus without me getting sick or even feeling like I needed to get sick. I was able to keep down food and even eat a bit more. It was easier to drink things and keep my prenatal vitamins down too. Ahh, relief.

But I knew my time was running short. When I took my last pill Sunday afternoon on the way home, I called the pharmacy to see if they'd filled the rest of my prescription. They had not. And since Monday was a holiday the shipment wouldn't be in until Tuesday. I asked about filling this somewhere else. Maybe even the same pharmacy on the other end of town. No. They had to keep it to give me the rest of the partial.

Ugh. Knowing that I'd had 3 days of relief, then had to go through 2 more days of feeling sick was not a great though. But it didn't seem there were any other options.

Sure enough by Monday afternoon I was feeling blah again. And yesterday was a really rough day. I got sick once and felt terrible all day.

Matt stopped in the evening to pick up my prescription and they hadn't filled it yet. He had to wait for an hour in the store while they filled it. I don't think I can thank him enough. Now I'm back on the medication and hoping that I can function again. It feels good to be feeling a bit better. And I think in a few weeks I'll be past this tough phase anyway.