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Monday, May 7, 2012

Recent Happenings

I haven't purposefully abandoned this blog. I am still blogging (all the time) at PS Mom Reviews. And if you really want to keep up with me Twitter and Facebook are the best places for that. Or my other blog also has links to my fan FB page, Pinterest, G+ and more that I do keep up with.

I think I've found it too much to keep up with two blogs. But the hard part is that I don't want to give up this blog. This is where I started. This is like the old house I don't want to sell. It's where my son grew up. It's also where I feel I can share things that I don't want to post on my other blog. So, even though I don't use it much, I still keep it around.

And I still value you, my friends and readers. I may not comment as often on your blogs, but I do visit from time to time to check in on you. And if you're connected with me on Twitter or FB I chat a lot there.

Zachariah is finishing out his kindergarten year now. He has just over 3 weeks left now. I can't believe that he's practically a 1st grader now. He's been through a lot this last year. Most of it pertaining to illness. If you've been around for a while, you know that my son has been a VERY healthy child. Up until Dec 2011 he had never been to the doctor for being sick.

When December hit he started coming home with various things from school. He had an ear infection, then after the first of the year it was tonsilitis or strep throat. And there was another ear infection in there too. Then more strep, more strep, more strep. Every time he came off an antibiotic we were back at the doctor again. It got so bad, I could count how many days until our next doctor appointment.

After this went on for months, they finally decided he'd been seen enough times to see a specialist. We were off to the ENT. They scheduled surgery rather quickly. We were mostly concerned about his tonsils, but learned that his ears were worse than anyone had realized. So he had his tonsils and adnoids removed, as well as tubes put into his ears.

Since the surgery...we have a new child. He's back to his old healthy self. He healed quickly. His follow up ENT appointment revealed that one of the tubes had already come out (the fastest she's ever seen in her 30 year career), but it looked clear so it was good. Now that the tonsils are gone the strep and tonsilitis has stopped too. No we just spend this summer keeping his head out of the water since he still has one tube left.

Zachariah was great through all the illness and surgery. It just got to be too normal. But he's doing so great now. I'm glad to have my happy, healthy guy back.

And now...he's got his first loose tooth. Or as he woul say, finally! I think he's one of the few in his class to still have all his baby teeth. But he just turned 6 in March, so really he's on course. I just think it makes him seem so grown up.

At school the past month has been a bit crazy. Their teacher (who we adore) sent home a note a few months ago explaining that her father had cancer. It looked bad, but he was going to receive treatment. She knew that she would be taking some time off to be with him through some of these things.

She missed a day here and there. A few weeks back she needed to take a whole week off, because her father had suffered major problems from his cancer treatment. Then 1 week became two, then turned into 3. I knew he had to be bad, but there was little communication from her or the school. They were great about reassuring us that the class was being taken care of, learning lots, and adjusting well to the many substitute teachers they've had.

Today we got a note home. Her father passed away from complications from his cancer treatment. So sad! :( I don't know how old he is. I did meet the teacher's mom, and she's probably close in age to my parents (who are in the early 50s). The teacher is my age, so that makes sense. I'm guessing her dad was 50-something. How terrible for her and the family. Her parents were divorced, and I don't know if he was remarried. But it's still terrible for her and her siblings and the rest of their loved ones. I am definitely praying for her.

Through this all Zachariah's class seems to be handling things well. I do feel sorry for them being away from their teacher so much. It would be different if she was taking maternity leave and had prepared for that. But this has been really unexpected. She's been into school a few times to get things organized and ready, so I know that's helped. But I do have to feel bad for these kids too.

The note we received today says that she is expecting to be back in the classroom by next Monday. I'm sure there is a lot to deal with this week. But I'm sure she would like (and probably needs) to finish out this school year with her students. I wish things could have ended differently for her. It's such a sad loss. (And I guess it hits close to home with the age too.)

Not a great note to end the school year on, but I'm sure everything will be OK for the kids. Zachariah understands what happened and seems to be taking it well. If you don't mind, please say a prayer for Mrs. Davis and her family this week.