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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Testing Fun

My new OB, or rather the LPN that I saw at my first appointment, ordered me to get some blood-work done before my next appointment. I have no problems with all the blood-work.

Here's what the problem is...she also wants me to go through the 2 hour glucose test now. This typically happens later in pregnancy to test for gestational diabetes. Usually they do a 1 hour test and depending on results they may order a 2 hour test.

There are some reasons why they want to do this now:
  1. I had a BIG baby last time. They are worried that I'll have another that big. And she seemed shocked that I delivered (vaginally) a 9lb 11oz baby with no complications or major episiotomy.  (I did need one, but it was minor, and I healed really quickly.) Does it help knowing that I never even took a drop of pain reliever after I had my son. Nothing. I felt pretty good.
  2. I am overweight...obese in fact. I think they are worried that I have diabetes issues without pregnancy that could cause problems. This has never been a known problem, but I understand the concern.
Here's why I don't want to do this:

  1. I have to fast. I don't do well when I don't eat these days.
  2. I have to sit there at the lab for 2 hours.
  3. I'm in the midst of terrible "morning"/all-day sickness.
  4. And eww, I'll probably have to drink that nasty orange stuff. Not even sure I will keep it down.
  5. I have to go in the mornings, when it's hard to get around when I'm feeling like this.
I think I'll be luck if I make it through the whole thing without throwing up or passing out. I did decide it would be best to take someone along, for back up if I do get sick, or for a ride if I feel faint. Matt offered to take time off from work, but I asked my mom to come down. I figured if anyone can distract me for a few hours it would be her.

I'm just praying that all goes well. I want to have the test done to see if there really is a problem. I want a healthy pregnancy, and if I have to do this to have one then I will. Of course I hope the results are good with no further problems. (Then I won't have to do the glucose test again for a while...and only the 1 hour one next time.)

Have any of you had a hard time with the glucose test when pregnant? Any tips for me. Think of me in the morning if you will. Thanks!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Oh Baby!

I'm still having a bit of trouble wrapping my mind around the fact that I'm actually pregnant. Of course the morning all-day sickness is a sure tell, but I'm still in a little shock. Don't get me wrong, we were trying to get pregnant, and I'm thrilled that I finally am. It's just that I had come to a point where I really didn't think it was going to happen. I didn't think it was a possibility, and I was already accepting of that when this news came. It's all very exciting!

Since we thought we may not have more children, we got rid of a bunch of our baby items last summer. We no longer have a crib, car seat, stroller, and more. At first this started to panic me, but I'm realizing that I do still have quite a bit. And since this is most likely our last baby, I may just try to borrow certain items from family and friends. Plus when I think about the baby things that I do still have, we have a good start.

I think part of why this pregnancy isn't sinking in as quickly is the way this new OB does things. Since I am confident of my last period, they see no reason for a dating ultrasound. They are going by my dates, and there will likely be only one ultrasound at 20 weeks. By 10 weeks in my last pregnancy I had already had 3 ultrasounds. We saw a lot of the baby and heard the heartbeat often. Although, a lot of that was because of an early medical issue. I suppose I should just be thankful that I haven't had any major issues this far, and hold tight for a few more weeks.

I am 9 weeks pregnant today. My next OB appointment is at 12 weeks, so only 3 weeks away. They will listen for a heartbeat at that appointment. I can't wait! Before my appointment I need to get all the necessary blood draws. I could have done it before now, but they've also decided to send me for a 2 hour glucose test at the same time. I do not want to sit in a waiting room for 2 hours with Zachariah, so I'm waiting until he goes to school. My mom is coming along with me, then I can have all that done next week. I'm taking her along, because I'm worried about not eating all night, then most of the morning. I'm worried about getting sick while there, or passing out (which I almost did once this week already).

So far I've had a lot of morning all-day sickness. Some days have been better than others. Last weekend was rough for me. I got sick several times (once in the car on the way home) and had heaved so much that my stomach muscles were cramping. It was miserable. But by Monday I felt a lot better. Unfortunately while in the waiting room for Zachariah's ENT appointment, I almost passed out. I felt it coming. I thought I'd be OK, but then I got shaky, weak and really light-headed. I asked them if I could lay down, so they got me back into a room and reclined a chair. That seemed to do the trick. After I cooled off, drank a bunch of water and ate a few crackers, I felt better. I still called Matt to come pick us up, because I didn't want to drive while feeling like that. Fortunately I haven't felt that way since. (Passing out caused a lot of drama for me early in pregnancy last time, so I really don't want that to happen.)

I seem to be feeling a little better since then, though. I still don't feel 100%, but I can say it's gotten a little better. I'm hoping it will all go away in a few weeks like it did before.

Baby names! I realized this morning that I've done very little thinking about baby names. I usually love to think about this from the start, and last time I was still thinking about it when he was born. Maybe it's because we already have a girls name we really like. I don't know if it's worth looking, because I think I'll find others I like better but I don't think I'll get Matt to budge on his pick. We had a hard time agreeing on boys names last time, so I don't really want to deal with that right now. I suppose this is why I haven't really dug into baby names. It will come. Maybe if/when we find out what we're having in a few months, I'll be a little more into names.

What a crazy few weeks it's been. Between doctor appointments, other activities and getting ready for school we've been a little nuts. My feeling sick all the time has really hindered getting things around for back to school too. I didn't buy a bunch of new clothes this year. (I know to start he'll wear summer clothes anyway.) I have most of his school supplies. Did I mention that our Open House for school is Sunday...and school starts Tuesday? I think he has enough to start Tuesday, and I'll get the rest organized and ready as I can. We can already see how this new little one is changing our lives. And I know there will be so many more changes to come. I can't wait!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Surprise...Our Big News

If you follow me on Twitter, you already know. For the rest of you...

SURPRISE! I'm pregnant!

We just shared the news with our family this weekend. They are just as excited for us. I thinking wondering if we'd ever be able to have more children at all makes this to much more surprising and exciting. 

Baby #2 is due March 28th. I am 7 weeks pregnant and feeling all the nausea I should (or did last time at least). Zachariah can't wait to be a big brother and meet his new little sister or brother (he says he prefers sister).

Friday, August 3, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

I actually do think about blogging here from time to time. It just never seems to happen. ;)

How have you all been? I feel a little disconnected. I do appreciate those of you who are on Twitter a lot, because I am too. Then I know what's going on from day to day. Not that my life is really that exciting. It has been a really busy summer, though. Here are some of the highlights.

End of school (Zachariah finished Kindergarten)
Vacation (Panama City Beach, FL)
Power outage (3 full days!)
My birthday (32!)
Week with my parents (due to power outage & stayed for 4th of July)
Tearing out & putting in new kitchen flooring (still not quiet finished)
Got a new camera (Nikon 5100)
Anniversary trip (12 years ... Shipshewana, IN)

That pretty much brings us to the present. The t-ball season is finally over. It got drug out an extra week due to one week of high temperatures and storms that cancelled all the games. This makes it seem less hectic, since we don't have to be away several evenings each week.

Matt's been riding his new bicycle a lot this summer. He's participated in a few charity bike rides and other things too. This weekend he's riding 50 miles in a local ride. He enjoys it, but he's usually beat after all that riding.

Zachariah is enjoying the summer. We've managed to squeeze in trips to parks, movie theaters, and much more since he's been out of school. I can't believe that he's finished with Kindergarten and starts first grade in about 3 weeks. We've been stocking up on supplies and looking for new clothes to start the year. (His shirts that fit a few months ago are suddenly too short on him!)

And right now we have lots to look forward to. Some other trips we'd like to take. School starting. Family happenings. A camp-out reunion next weekend and more!

I know I'm busy with my other blog - PS Mom Reviews, but I'm going to try to post here a little more. Be sure to check back, so I can share other things going on. How has your summer been? What's been your favorite part?