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Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring/summer sickness

I guess I need to pay a little more attention. I wrote this up and meant to post it here yesterday, but I accidentally posted it on my PS Mom Reviews site. Aww well...anyway... And before I forget, be sure to check out my review site. Today is the last day to sign up for the NEW Thomas & Friends DVD giveaway. I'll leave it open until midnight at least (most likely won't draw a winner until tomorrow morning, so I'll take entries until then). And for those interested, there is also an EvoraKids giveaway. It's a probiotic oral care tablet for kids to take after brushing. It's all natural and good for getting that extra bacteria left in there mouth. Check it out, there aren't many entries, so you have a good chance of winning. OK, I'm done promoting. Here's yesterday's post.


You know, the only thing worse than being sick in the winter is being sick in the spring/summer. It is 80 degrees outside today and I don't feel like enjoying it. I've been fighting some allergy headaches off and on this week. Then last night my throat started getting scratchy and by the time I woke up I had a full-blown cold. Blah!

Making it worse, Zachariah woke up with the same problems as me. He seems much more resilient to illness though. It doesn't bother him at all, other than running in for a new tissue now and then. Me, I hate being all stuffed up. And the worst of it at the moment it the sinus drainage. It's making my tummy upset.

I'm hoping that this cold doesn't stick around. I know the warm weather isn't for now. So maybe by the time it warms up again I'll be ready to get out and enjoy it again.

A consolation of being sick is Matt doesn't mind doing things for me. I don't feel like cooking, and I'd planned to go to the store today to get things to round out a few meals. But I didn't have the energy to get out. So Matt offered to bring something home to eat. I'll take it. I don't need babied much when I'm sick, so the little things make me feel good.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


We've had a lot of firsts for Zachariah recently.

There was his first haircut-

OK, so it wasn't technically his "first" haircut, but it was the first time that I've taken him somewhere and paid someone to cut his hair. I usually do it myself, but I didn't know how to cut it the way I really wanted it AND he wouldn't let me touch it. Ever since he went with me the last time to have my hair cut, he hasn't stopped talking about going to get his haircut too.

He loved every minute of it. I told the lady what I wanted done to it. Zachariah jumped up in the chair and sat very quiet and still the whole time. He enjoyed having the big mirror right in front of him, so he could see everything going on. And he knew what he wanted. When she was finished cutting it, she was messing around and gave him some spikes. He said, "Oh, I want spikes." It was fine with me, so she had to trim a little more to make that work. Then she put it in a faux-hawk. He said, "No, I don't want it like that. I only like the spikes." Personally I preferred the faux-hawk, but the spikes are cute too. Most days he wears it flat like he did before though.

Still, it was a very pleasant experience. He keeps talking about when he goes back even.

(And that is him in his little Easter suit in the last photo. I didn't get too many pictures that day. Also, thanks for your concern. My feet are feeling better. I still have to be careful with them, but it's getting better.)

Then there was the first swim lesson yesterday-
Learning first to kick:
Jumping in & getting wet:
Swimming across the pool:
Learning to get out alone:
Jumping in the deep end:

I always think of my son as more grown up than he is. Is it because he's so smart and speaks so well with adults? Is it because I'm with him all the time? I have no idea. But seeing him all lined up with those other kids at swim lessons, he suddenly seemed so little. Yet, I was proud of him listening and following instructions.

The teacher that lead Zachariah's class won't be the regular teacher, but I kind of wish he was. He was fantastic with the kids and did a great job. I was impressed with all the things they worked on with the kids for just the first class. Zachariah learned to get in and out of the side of the pool himself. They got their faces and heads under water. They used the kickboard and went across the pool and back a few times. Then they even went down to the deep end and jumped in.

Now that was funny. Zachariah was last in the line of kids to jump in the deep end. I know he can jump in a pool, but he's always jumped to me or with a life vest. I was curious to see whether he would do it. When it was his turn he stood up just like he was supposed to. Then when it was time to jump, he sat down and tried to jump from the edge. The instructor made him stand back up. And he did it, he jumped right in.

Things I enjoy about the lessons. I get to sit back and watch my son in someone else's charge. There were a few other friendly mothers that I've already enjoyed talking with. The lessons are in the warm therapy pool (which is good for the kids, but it's really hot to just sit in there and watch). Zachariah should be a great swimmer and ready for summer soon.

Monday, April 12, 2010

For all your shopping needs

Have you checked out CSN stores before? Maybe you've visited one of their 200+ online store before and didn't realize it. I've gotten a few things from them before. They have just about anything you'd ever want for your home, children, and more.

They have everything from baby cribs to cookware. (And I could spend hours browsing all those wonderful items.) Every time I stop by their children's furniture store, I want to redecorate Zachariah's bedroom. But unfortunately I don't have the money to do that right now.

However, I've been fortunate enough to be asked to review an item from CSN. We were in the market for a new booster seat for Zachariah now that he's 4 years old. So I got to choose something from Come back soon to see my review and the item I chose.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hop Along

I hope that you all had a Happy Easter! We had a pretty great weekend. It was filled with getaways, visiting family, meeting a soon-to-be sister-in-law for the first time, parties, candy, food, gorgeous weather, a wonderful sunrise Easter service at church, and much more.

The "hop" part in the title wasn't meant for the Easter bunny. It's actually a pretty good description of what I've been doing for the past three days. Let's just say I have the knack for making a grand exit in front of an audience.

I fell off the first step out my in-laws front door. I tripped with one foot, tried to catch myself with the door, but the door just swung out of the way. When that happened it swung me around and I ended up cross-legged on the ground. I hurt both feet.

My first concern was for my ankles, but after a little while it seemed they were horrible. The side of my left foot, however, was very painful. By the time we got back to my parents' house where we were staying, I could only hobble along and was hurting when I walked. Matt was quite concerned and worried that I would need a trip to the ER.

I missed out on Zachariah doing his Easter egg hunt at my parents' since I couldn't follow him around on two hurt feet. He had fun finding all the eggs that my mom and sister hid for him Saturday night before bed though.

The good news is that my feet are slowly getting better. The side of my left food has been the worst and I've hobbled around these last few days. My right side is mostly pulled muscles and things around my ankle and up my leg. Not too bad though. And I can feel it getting a little better each day. Boy am I glad I didn't do something worse. But what an Easter.