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Monday, February 22, 2010

Moods- Take 'em or Leave 'em

I'm feeling rather moody tonight. I'm not sure whether it's hormone related (doesn't seem like it should be), or if it's just because I had a rough day with Zachariah.

I'm a I really need a reason to be moody? I just am!

This probably is the worse time to blog, but that's what my blog's for right? It's my blog and I can complain if I want to.

Zachariah was stubborn, disobedient, and quite rude to me today. Enough was enough, so I sent him to his room for quiet time. He was not allowed to get up until Daddy came home. (He was in his room for about an hour and a half or so.)

Then while being banned to his room, he spilled his water bottle and didn't tell me about. I found half of his blanket soaked when I put him to bed tonight. That made me even more upset about the situation. He also got his CD player taken away for the day/night, because when I escorted him back to his room (one of the many times) he had his robe over the CD player which I didn't think was safe.

Maybe I was too rash about some of the things I did. But I'm telling you, I tried my hardest to keep calm and handle the situation(s) at hand.

I felt like he was pushing my last ever-loving button.

Not my finest day as a parent.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I finally did it! I had been wanting to knit a sweater for Zachariah for a while now. I didn't know if I'd be able to complete the whole thing. But, I did it!

I found an easy pattern from Lion Brand Yarn's website. I used I Love This Yarn acrylic yarn in Burnt Pumpkin from Hobby Lobby. Zachariah picked out the color. I was hoping for a nice green or blue. But it turned out great!

I was able to get it done so quickly. It took my less than a week, and that wasn't even working on it all the time like I sometimes do with a project. I think I'll be getting some more yarn and making a few more soon.

Edited to add: I almost forgot. I got this done just in time for Zachariah to wear it to church Sunday. So many people knew I'd been working on it, so it was neat to see it completed. The best part is he wore it all day then cried when I made him take it off to put his pajamas on for bedtime. Aww!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Fun Fact Friday

1. My sister is on her way here to spend the afternoon with us while her husband visits a friend in town. This is my 23 week pregnant sister! Who I haven't seen for about 4 weeks. I can't wait to see her belly! So exciting about my nephew on the way.

2. I have been pretty lazy lately. Not sure if it's because I wasn't feeling great with my period this week, or perhaps the fact that I've been snowed in for a few days, or maybe all the snow shoveling I've done in a week, or who knows. Yesterday I managed to pick up a little steam. I cleaned the house (or at least started it) and got some posting/reviews done over at my review blog.

3. Speaking of my review blog, I have two new giveaways. I have a new Thomas DVD and a Best of Bob the Builder DVD. Go enter, your kids will love it.

4. I had a successful baby shower for the ladies at church to celebrate my friend J's new baby last weekend. This is the first time a close friend has had a baby. It's so exciting. I get to see him once a week, but it's just not enough. ;) When I have my two new nephews (one due in May, the other in June), I'll have more babies to love on. Can't wait.

5. Speaking of babies, mine will be 4 in less than a month. 4! Did you hear that? Definitely time for another baby. I'm trying to have patience.

6. I'm in the middle of knitting Zachariah a sweater. Looks good so far. I am anxious to get it finished. He is very excited about it.

7. Hope that you all have a great Valentine weekend. No special plans here. Matt and I plan to go out for dinner Saturday with the little guy too.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Get Lost!

Hurray! I'm so excited that "Lost" finally starts again tonight.

I have been a faithful viewer since Season 2. Matt has been watching from the beginning. (I missed most of it the first season, because it started at 8 on Wed when I had choir rehearsal. But I have since caught up on that first season.)

Zachariah is already in his pajamas and ready for bed at just past 7:00PM. He's usually going to bed at 8:00 or just before. But I didn't want to chance missing a moment of "Lost" tonight.

I'm hoping for a great wrap up for a wonderful show. Don't disappoint me.

Anyone else a fan of "Lost"?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Off to a great start

So, I've done so well with my blog this year. Can you tell? I mean, 3 whole posts so far. And it's not any better on my other blog.

And it's not that I don't want to blog...or that I don't have anything to blog about. I've just lacked the motivation to even fathom putting my thoughts, feelings, etc. into words.

Matt upgraded his gym/YMCA membership to a family one. That was part of his Christmas gift to Zachariah and I. I've been slowly getting into going there and working out. It's a much needed change in my life. I have a long way to go, but I'm glad to have the chance to start.

Today I went to workout for a while and left Zachariah in the babysitting area. Have I told you how social my child is? Some people cannot believe that he isn't in school. He will probably be a social butterfly.

When I left him at the babysitting center, there were many kids, so he ran off to play. By the time I got back, there was only one other younger child in there with Zachariah and the two women working. He was sitting on the floor with both adults just talking away. Looked like they were having a great discussion.

They told me that he was telling them he wants to be a teacher (new to me). He was teaching them to spell their names. Ha ha ha! And his name too. So cute. He was literally quizzing them on things.

On the way out I was talking to him about wanting to be a teacher. He said he'd also like to work in a restaurant like the girl we saw the other night. Oh my.

When we were out to eat last week, Zachariah started watching one of the waitresses. We only realized after he started blowing her kisses. Then he told us, "She's cute". (I tell you, we're in trouble with this one.) Later she came near our table, and he caught her eye. He said "I was blowing you kisses." She sort of giggled and came closer to talk to him. I told her he thought she was cute. It was so funny. So now I guess he wants to work with her.

If he's like this now, what am I in for when he has raging hormones to boot?