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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Testing Fun

My new OB, or rather the LPN that I saw at my first appointment, ordered me to get some blood-work done before my next appointment. I have no problems with all the blood-work.

Here's what the problem is...she also wants me to go through the 2 hour glucose test now. This typically happens later in pregnancy to test for gestational diabetes. Usually they do a 1 hour test and depending on results they may order a 2 hour test.

There are some reasons why they want to do this now:
  1. I had a BIG baby last time. They are worried that I'll have another that big. And she seemed shocked that I delivered (vaginally) a 9lb 11oz baby with no complications or major episiotomy.  (I did need one, but it was minor, and I healed really quickly.) Does it help knowing that I never even took a drop of pain reliever after I had my son. Nothing. I felt pretty good.
  2. I am overweight...obese in fact. I think they are worried that I have diabetes issues without pregnancy that could cause problems. This has never been a known problem, but I understand the concern.
Here's why I don't want to do this:

  1. I have to fast. I don't do well when I don't eat these days.
  2. I have to sit there at the lab for 2 hours.
  3. I'm in the midst of terrible "morning"/all-day sickness.
  4. And eww, I'll probably have to drink that nasty orange stuff. Not even sure I will keep it down.
  5. I have to go in the mornings, when it's hard to get around when I'm feeling like this.
I think I'll be luck if I make it through the whole thing without throwing up or passing out. I did decide it would be best to take someone along, for back up if I do get sick, or for a ride if I feel faint. Matt offered to take time off from work, but I asked my mom to come down. I figured if anyone can distract me for a few hours it would be her.

I'm just praying that all goes well. I want to have the test done to see if there really is a problem. I want a healthy pregnancy, and if I have to do this to have one then I will. Of course I hope the results are good with no further problems. (Then I won't have to do the glucose test again for a while...and only the 1 hour one next time.)

Have any of you had a hard time with the glucose test when pregnant? Any tips for me. Think of me in the morning if you will. Thanks!


Doing My Best said...

There was NO WAY I could do that test when I was sick like you are; I would have vomited so they wouldn't have been able to do the test anyway. You can say no. You can say that you'll be happy to do it later but that you don't feel well enough to do it now. You can ask them what they would do if the results were positive; it could be that you're doing those things already. You can offer to come in for fasting bloodwork first thing in the morning because that will give them some useful information too.

d e v a n said...

Ugh, I hope it goes well!