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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Good Medicine

I finally gave in last week and called my OB about getting a prescription for my nausea. It was getting bad. I was throwing up a meal at least once a day...and not always at home. I'd had enough. Nothing else seemed to work for me.

Fortunately the practice I'm going to had recommended the prescription and readily called it into my pharmacy. Unfortunately when I got to the pharmacy I found they only had enough medication for a 3 day supply. I took it, knowing it would at least get me through our weekend away.

This stuff rocks. We drove all the way to Columbus without me getting sick or even feeling like I needed to get sick. I was able to keep down food and even eat a bit more. It was easier to drink things and keep my prenatal vitamins down too. Ahh, relief.

But I knew my time was running short. When I took my last pill Sunday afternoon on the way home, I called the pharmacy to see if they'd filled the rest of my prescription. They had not. And since Monday was a holiday the shipment wouldn't be in until Tuesday. I asked about filling this somewhere else. Maybe even the same pharmacy on the other end of town. No. They had to keep it to give me the rest of the partial.

Ugh. Knowing that I'd had 3 days of relief, then had to go through 2 more days of feeling sick was not a great though. But it didn't seem there were any other options.

Sure enough by Monday afternoon I was feeling blah again. And yesterday was a really rough day. I got sick once and felt terrible all day.

Matt stopped in the evening to pick up my prescription and they hadn't filled it yet. He had to wait for an hour in the store while they filled it. I don't think I can thank him enough. Now I'm back on the medication and hoping that I can function again. It feels good to be feeling a bit better. And I think in a few weeks I'll be past this tough phase anyway.


Sarah said...

Yeah that stuff is a godsend! Hopefully you won't need it much longer, though!

d e v a n said...

That stuff is awesome! That sucks that they couldn't fill it in a more timely manner though - sheesh!

jen(melty) said...

oh man, i feel bad for you having to wait 2 days. time for a new pharmacy? haha. Thank goodness for husbands who are willing to wait.. they are keepers for sure. Hope you don't need it much longer.

Nik-Nak said...

What did they give you? I got Phenergan and it is not working at all. I need relief!!

Mommy Daisy said...

I'm taking a generic of Zofran. I hope that you can find something that works. I feel like I function better with this. And there is no throwing up. I'll take that.

Unknown said...

That sounds terrible, thankfully they got you something for your weekend though! Just think, when the baby is born, it'll all be worth it. :)