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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Yes, it did!

This is what it looked like yesterday afternoon. Most of it melted today. But we got another small layer of snow this evening. We didn't even know it was snowing, and when our friends went to leave after small group Matt saw snow on all the cars. Strange.
Our forecast for the next 10 days shows a chance of snow for 7 out of 10 days. And the temperatures in the 30s most of the time during the day. Yikes. This seems more like Christmas. Now it will probably be 50 degrees for Christmas, and we'll be upset there is no snow.


d e v a n said...


Anonymous said...

How beautiful! Those look like great postcards or Christmas card photos.

Deleted said...

Looks really nice, and Christmasy!! And there is always that chance of having no snow on Christmas and it's the worst thing in the world

Here's hoping we both have snowy Christmas days!

Cherish said...

I like it when it snows just a little bit like that. Its those horrible blizzards and huge snow falls that really bother me!