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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Unexciting events

It hasn't been a really exciting weekend. Matt has been going to bed early, sleeping in, and taking 3 hours naps. And I even snuck in a nap on both Saturday and today. Yeah. And I'm pretty tired tonight. I think the daylight savings time change is catching up with me.

We had a meeting at church tonight and a bonfire in the woods afterwards. That was a lot of fun. There were a few too many people for my liking, but it was nice once it cleared out a bit. We had our small group go to that instead of our regular meeting, so it was fun chatting with them.

I need to do some meal planning and make up a grocery list. We are short on quite a few things around here. And now that Matt heads back to work tomorrow, he'll need some times for lunch.

I've been in the mood to bake lately, but I've held off so far. I love to bake, but we so don't need to eat all the sweets I'd like to make. So I really don't bake very often. It will be nice to make some things to take to holiday gatherings. Ohhh, speaking of holiday things, I just got my Kraft Food & Family magazine and it is full of yummy looking recipes.

Tomorrow I need to get my house back in order. It was spotless on Friday. Then Matt came back and brought all his luggage with him. What a difference that makes just having him home. The bad is I now have one more messy person to keep up with. The good news is he's home, and I love it.


Sarah said...

I feel you big time on the husband being just as messy as the kids, it seems! I'm always a little excited if he's going to be away for a Saturday or something because it means the house won't turn into SUCH a disaster over the weekend! And also, when he's THERE, I feel like I should be relaxing too, not scurrying around picking up everyone's dishes and socks. So I am more inclined to ignore the mess until Monday morning... Yuck.

Mommy Daisy said...

DH- That's exactly what I do. I think if he relaxes, I should too and spend time with him. I leave all the mess alone. I tend to do this in the evenings when he's just chilling too. Doesn't help myself out the next day.

2Forgetful said...

I, too, am always amazed at how much messier the house is on Monday morning vs Friday afternoon. Still, it sounds like your "unexciting" weekend was pretty fun.

d e v a n said...

I'm glad he's home!

Deleted said...

Awww :)
So cute, messing but I love him :D

I can't wait for the holidays now that Halloween is over, and it's really setting the scene around here for the holidays too! It has been snowing since the day after Halloween. :)