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Friday, November 21, 2008

Because it's NaBloPoMo and I have to post

That's the only reason I'm posting this right now. I almost forgot that I have to post today. I have a cold and don't feel the greatest. Matt even let me "nap" in the chair after supper and entertained Zachariah. Then he completely got Zachariah ready for bed while I vegged out. That doesn't happen very often, but I'm glad for the little bit of rest. And I'm happy that we don't have a ton of things going on this week.

Of course tomorrow we'll be watching the Ohio State vs. Michigan game. Woot!

Sunday I will be at church early, because the choir is back on each week from now until Christmas. Then Sunday evening we have a community Thanksgiving service that our church is involved with. It's usually pretty neat, and we do a combined choir thing.

So, I need some ideas about what to post over at Losing It All and More. I was going to challenge myself to get moving at least 15 minutes a day each and every day for the rest of the year. Then I got sick. Ick. Well, I still want to do that challenge. What else would you like me to talk about in relation to exercise/health/eating better? Any ideas?

I hope the rest of you have a great weekend. Mine will be much better if I can kick this cold.


Erika Jean said...

O H - I O !

Pam said...

Hope you feel better & enjoy the game

Cherish said...

aw, I hope you are feeling better. I didnt even know you had another blog so Im gonna go over there and check it out now...