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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Can I vent?

I can vent here, right? It's my blooooggg, and I'll vent if I want to.... Sorry, I'm done now.

1. Matt got a call from his doctor's office this morning. He had his cholesterol re-checked recently for a health program at work. He was borderline high before, and he's joined the YMCA and working out regularly as well as watching what he eats more now. His levels went up. The doctor has advised him to keep doing what he's doing, but to also try medication. So, he's going to try the meds for 2 months. Matt was pretty depressed about this, which made him a little crabby tonight. Ugh. He wasn't bad, but he wasn't fun to be around either.

2. I read something about cholesterol not changing after diet and exercise can be a sign of hypothyroidism. I read that to Matt. Bad idea, now he's worried about that. And he said that could be why he can't get me pregnant. His words, not mine. But it revealed to me that he blames himself when I can't get pregnant right away.

3. Matt and I were finishing up emptying a wading pool last night after Zachariah went to bed. We did a lot of yard work yesterday preparing for the cold weather coming this weekend. The gate was open to the front, and I was trying to keep an eye on the dog so he didn't sneak out. We got distracted and about 5 minutes later I looked over at the gate and realized the dog was gone. Oops. We looked around the back (it was pretty dark) and just knew he wasn't there. We checked the garage and the front yard. No dog. Greaaaat. We always keep him in the backyard, on a leash, or right with us on the rare occasions the he's out front with us. (He does roam free at my parents' house out in the country, but he never goes far from the house. He would rather be indoors anyway.) We looked around and kept calling for him but heard nothing. On impulse I went to the neighbor next door who has dogs. I didn't see Chip out front. I was about to turn back home, when I realized I couldn't see their front door from where I was. He would likely go to someone's door. I went about 2 feet forward and saw him sniffing around on their front porch. Silly dog. He came running when he saw me. Matt would have been really grouchy if we'd lost the dog. And I don't want to think about explaining that to Zachariah.

4. Zachariah went to bed early last night, because he refused to pick up toys after repeated chances. I think he needs to go to bed earlier anyway. He's been getting up a bit earlier since time changed anyway.

5. Stressful afternoon with kids at my tutoring center.

6. Matt was working on the budget/bills tonight. Made him a bit more cranky.

7. There might be more. I can't think anymore now.

So, here are the good things.
*My parents are stopping sometime tomorrow on the way home from their mini-vacation.
*Tomorrow is Friday.
*Cooler weather. (I know, I know, but I'm ready for it.)
*I've been able to take a few naps this week. Laying down for an hour some days is my saving grace.
*Matt is taking Monday off, and I'm not tutoring. We're having a nice dinner with his parents. Matt is also off on Tuesday for Veterans' Day.
*Yummy Swistle's Autumn Soup, garlic bread, and dessert (WOO! DESSERT!) for dinner tonight.


2Forgetful said...

Of course you can vent! It's your blog. And you even put some positives down, you're so good.

Don't worry too much about Matt's cholesterol; just see what the medicine does. There could be a lot of factors involved.

Happy (almost) Friday!!!

Deleted said...

Hope all is okay with Matt! High Cholesterol runs on my dads side of the family, as well as diabetes.

Good that you accepted the weather change .. lol, I actually love getting all the things checked off my list for winter and settling in the house. EEEEEEEeeeee excited! Snuggling in front of fires, walks and sliding in the snow, hot chocolate, everything packed away :D

..I get it .. me = loser :) LOL

Cherish said...

You almsot distracted me there with talk of Swistle's soup...

But I did want to say that you've got a really good attitude about things. Its one thing to vent about all the not so great things in your life but you also chose to add in the positives! How great is that? Im sure the relaxing weekend (and extra couple of days) will help brighten yours and matt's moods.

Nowheymama said...

Mmm...Swistle's soup....

Sorry. Focus.

Vent all you want to. You listen to us all of the time! I hope it made you feel better.

Mommy Daisy said...

Have you guys tried Swistle's Autumn Soup? Oh, it's good. I've made it in the crockpot too. If you need the recipe, let me know.

Yeah, Matt's parents both have problems with high cholesterol. It just seems strange that I'm the overweight one, and he has to have these problems. And he just turned 29! Oh well, he's going to do whatever he can to help it, because he wants to be healthy and around for our son.

jen said...

That sucks about Matt's cholesterol. I know in the grand scheme it's not a huge deal and he can treat it but it's still kind of unnerving I think.

And I'm glad you found the dog.. I always hate myself when it's been a long time before I think "hey where's the dog??" and I feel bad!

I wanted to post a big long rant this morning but I don't know now :)

have a good weekend!

Pam said...

vent away woman - that's the whole point! Hope you feel better...

Saly said...

Oh, I'm glad you found the dog. Hub had an issue with his cholesterol a while back, and thankfully, diet helped him. I'm sure Matt will be ok.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Matt's cholesterol. I have it, too (also genetic), but am not on medication yet. I try to control it through my diet.

Do you think he'd be willing to try steel cut oats for breakfast? When my hubby and I did that, his cholesterol fell 60 points. Yes, 60. Amazing stuff, that oatmeal.

I hope your week gets better. Although, you're such a happy person that even your rants don't sound all that negative!