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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Just some stuff

*We could get our first "big" snow accumulation in the next few days. YEAH!

*I'm hunting for Christmas gifts and not having much luck. I'm looking for some specific type of items I want for me (from my mom). For instance new flour/sugar canisters.

*Why can't I shake this little cough? It's annoying. I'm tired of peeing a little bit every time I have a big cough. And it makes my head and neck hurt. Go away already, I'm done with it.

*I am excited about spending a week at my parents' house from Christmas to New Year's.

*I have a few more movie reviews I need to do here. No giveaways for now. I'm working on that though.

*Zachariah needs to be potty trained. I think he's really ready now. We just need to push him a bit. Ugh, I'm not totally looking forward to it though.

*I've slipped a bit on my 15 minute a day workout...and my 10 minute a day devotions. Time to get back on track.

*I love my house all decked out in Christmas stuff. Love it!

*I woke up Friday morning from a dream about my fish/tartar sauce craving. And it sounded really good when I awoke. This is what I first craved with my pregnancy with Zachariah. I told Matt maybe I should take a pregnancy test. (He wanted me to take one when I was nauseous on Monday, but it went away and hasn't happened again. So I haven't tested yet.)

*Only 1 more day left of NaBloPoMo. It really hasn't been that bad. I've enjoyed it. And I only have about 20 more posts before my 500th! So, I'm hoping to hit that before the end of the year. That means more posting for me in December too.


Deleted said...

Preggo?! YAY I LOVE PREGGO PEOPLE! ...well I mean that is if your,
Love the tree by the way!

d e v a n said...

Wait!!! You can't tease us like that! You have to test!!!!!

GL on the pt'ing.

Cherish said...

Wowie there was so much in that post that I wanted to comment on but now I forget...

Take a test!!!!!!!!!

Im doing ok with my 15 minutes, but last night it was like midnight and I was hoping around here like a crazy person.

Im about to start potty training my little guy now too. he keeps taking off his diapers and peeing on the floor so I know he is more than ready.

Yay for snow!

Anonymous said...

How can you resist the urge to test?!? You've got me on pins and needles!

Good luck with the potty training; I am not looking forward to it with my little guy AT ALL.

Pam said...

I have yet to meet a mother who doesn't pee a little when they cough - the result of childbirth I'm afraid.
Take the test - please!!!!!!

Nowheymama said...

What?! You need to order some of those Swistle jumbo test packs online NOW.