Monday, November 10, 2008

Giveaway Alert!!

It's getting late, and I haven't posted yet. I haven't been on the computer much today, and now I'm at my mom's house. We will head home tomorrow after lunch, it was a quick trip. I can tell you about that later. And I have a cute video of Zachariah to share, but I can't get it off their camera right now. I'll have Matt try in the morning, then I can upload it from home.

Anyway, I have a new DVD giveaway. Saturday I posted a DVD review of Preschooler Learns Spanish. We truly love this DVD. It was fun and a great learning experience for Zachariah and I. We'll keep studying up on our Spanish with this one. Please go back and read the review if you haven't. I just found out that I will be getting 5 (five, yeah!) copies of this to give away. Hurray! So, I will go ahead and post the contest now.

*****There will be 5 winners, so please enter. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment (be sure your e-mail address is available or at least I have it from before). If you'd like a second entry, you can link to this post on your blog. Then come back here and leave another comment with the link to your blog post.

If you need something to comment about, tell me what your child(ren)'s first word(s) were. Zachariah's first word (other than mama and dada) was AMEN. He has a little Precious Moments baby doll that says a prayer, and it says "amen" at the end. He listened to that so much, it didn't take him long before he was saying it too. So cute! And to make it even better (since we're talking about learning Spanish), Zachariah would only count in Spanish before he even counted in English.

I will be drawing the 5 winners on Sunday, November 16th at 11:00 PM EST (or whenever I get around to randomizing a name) and announcing the winner here (probably the next morning). Best of luck, and stay tuned for more DVD reviews and giveaways.


Melissa said...

Wow!!! 5 Winners!! Your awesome!..

..I have to enter into this, I read the review on Saturday and think it would be awesome to watch it/learn Spanish with Violet. :)

Emily said...

FUN!! Thanks!

Katy's first word (other than mama) was "done" when she didn't want to eat anymore. Very appropriate for my picky eater with no appetite.

Nowheymama said...


K and E's first word was the same: Hi. Don't know about Helen yet!

Crystal Adkins said...

I would love to win! Austin's first word was dada, but now he's a talking machine lol!

Cherish said...

Wowie, 5 dvd is crazy! I wasnt going to enter again for awhile but 5!?!

So ya, Rayden's first word was "kitty," and I would have to look up the others. I think Michael might have said Nanny first. Im really not sure though. :(

Amen has got to be the cutest first word Ive ever heard!

Oh and Im going to post a link on my blog to this but im not going to enter again.

yay contests!

kelli said...

Five! Wow!

Okay, I'll admit it, my daughter's first word was "titty". I had told my husband to quit telling her that when she was hungry, and he didn't believe me that it mattered until she busted out with that one day. We started calling it something else REAL quick.
After that it was mama. :)

Heidi said...

This sounds great! Mine kids was Juice. Still his favorite word.

Melissa said...

Linked to my blog, enter number 2 :D

And Violet's first word besides Mama, was either Juice or Cookie. She says them so well :)

d e v a n said...

You are awesome! I can't remember what my kids words were. d & O both said Mama first, then Daddy. I can't remember what was next. No or Uh oh are most likely.

Jana said...

Liam's first word was "uh-oh" while Sydney's was "hi" (I terrible that I don't remember). How sweet that Zachariah's was "amen." That's definitely a story for the baby book.

Mommy Brain said...

We've been doing a little Spanish with Dora and with the Muzzy learning series. I was very interested in your review and would love to try this DVD.

I can't remember what the girls' first words were besides "Ma-ma." BUT, just yesterday, I overheard R. say "gracias" and A. reply with "de nada."

Shelly Overlook said...

OMG, now that I'm thinking about it, I cannot remember what my kid's first word was! Guess that Mother of the Year award is out now, huh? :)

Alli said...


Lessee...Stephen's first word was "hot", Zachary's was "Ho ho ho" and Marc-Adam's was "bye-bye". I don't really count mama and dada as first words because it was always hard for me to tell whether they were actually saying the word (with association), or if they were just making the sound.