Saturday, November 15, 2008

Say anything

*It snowed today. I mean really snowed. I took pictures to prove it to you all, but I haven't loaded them on this computer. That will have to wait. I can't believe we actually have snow on the ground in the middle on November, and it has stuck around all day. Crazy. I kind of love it.

*My sister, Rachel, called me yesterday to tell me that she and her husband found a house. They have been living in a studio apartment (of you want to call it that) adjoining the pizza shop they own for the last 2 1/2 years. Their kitchen is the pizza shop. Their bathroom is through the pizza kitchen. It's pretty crazy. They have been looking for a house for a while now. They've had a really hard time trying to get a loan from the bank. They have 20% already saved up, but they have no credit therefore no credit history. And the way our economy is right now, it's been even harder for them to get one. Well, they heard about a rental house that an old friend owned...totally coincidence that they ran into him. And they saw it and loved it and just moved in today. I'm so happy for her to finally have a home. She works strange hours and really needs somewhere to relax and sleep when she wants.

Rachel didn't call me until Friday afternoon, because they knew Matt and I would want to help move them. Fortunately Matt already had plans, so we won't be able to help anyway. But they didn't want us to have to drive up there just to help move. They were supposed to have plenty of help. I'm hoping that we can get up there soon to see it, and maybe I can help arrange furniture and decorate a bit. She doesn't have much to work with but that's OK.

*Zachariah has been crazy and silly lately. Well, he always is but it's hilarious now. He'll run around a room just to run around. Then he announces "Zac's a silly boy". He has developed some crazy new dance moves too. The funniest is the "one two cha cha cha". Hilarious, I tell you. I wish I could capture it on a good video to share. So far I haven't. Today at one point he ran around in circles in the middle of the living room with his arms behind him. Matt asked what he was being. Zachariah said "I being a 'mingo, Dad"...a flamingo. So he did it over and over again telling us about him being a "mingo". Cute little guy.

*All our Saturdays and Sundays are now occupied with football. On Saturdays it's college football, then pro football on Sundays. I'm starting to get tired of football. Although I'll take that back after Ohio State is done for the season (only one more game and a likely bowl game left). I don't mind watching football. I guess what's getting to me is that it all starts at noon Saturday and doesn't end until Sunday night. Ugh. It does get a little old. And the sad part is when Matt goes to bed, I sit up and watch the exciting conclusions of the games.

*I loved all the popcorn talk. Now I want to try all your suggestions. And yes, I do like that popcorn is a healthier snack than, say, chips. And it IS a whole grain, so that's a bonus too. It's also funny that Zachariah doesn't get to eat popcorn that much, because I only make it in the evenings after he's already in bed.

*I have thought more about Christmas. Actually, I've got a great head start on things. I don't think it will take long to finish up gifts. And those that I need to get, I have a good idea for most. It feels much better now.


Melissa said...

I like the short paragraphed posts :)
I will have to do something like that, it makes it easier to read things when it's something like that. .lol,
Gotta love that snow, It snowed here a few times now since October. Makes it more like Christmas when it's here before hand :)

Jennifer, Playgroups Are No Place For Children said...

Snow??? I'm kinda jealous. It rarely snows here.

d e v a n said...

I'm craving popcorn now. lol