Saturday, November 22, 2008

Just what the doctor ordered

I think today was just what I needed. We were lazy most of the day, and everyone enjoyed each other's company. If only all days could be like today.

I'm still not feeling great, but I've been able to rest a lot today. I think it's just a cold right now, and it's not terrible. I am hopeful that this is the worst of it and I will begin feeling better soon.

Score #1 today was Matt getting up IN THE MORNING with Zachariah. I was just waking up, but Matt popped up out of bed. That NEVER happens. Wow. He got Zachariah up, then told him that he was going back to bed. He told Zachariah to play quietly in the living room then crawled back into bed. I was awake and heard it all. I thought it was hilarious. Matt came back to bed with a smile on his face, he knew chances were slim that Zac wouldn't come in our room and get us. He didn't. I got up after about 3 minutes because I had to pee so bad. When I came out of our room I peeked into the living room, and Zachariah was standing by the couch coloring nicely in his book. He came over and said "Mommy? You supposed to be sleeping." SO sweet. But he was happy to see me. Then we all got up and Matt made breakfast (Score #2).

Score #3 was Matt going to the grocery store and getting frozen snacks to bake for "meals" today. We knew we'd be staying home and watching football all day, so he wanted something fun to eat. He got taquitos, chips and dip, boneless wings, and chocolate for me (Score #4).

Score #5 was getting to watch the OSU vs. Michigan football game. (OSU won 42 - 7) We expected that to happen, so it was good. And it was nice not to worry about the possibility of seeing them lose. Plus, you know, we had fun snacks to eat too. And Zachariah took a nap at about halftime, and Matt put him down (Score #6).

Actually Matt was generally very helpful with Zachariah today which was nice (Score #7).

So I really got to rest and relax and not worry about much today. That was so nice. There should be more days like this...when I'm NOT sick too.


Kelsey said...

Sounds like a nice day!

Shelly Overlook said...

Wow, what a great day. Lucky you!

Melissa said...

What a man!! heh

Cherish said...

What a fantastic day...well except for being sick :( Hope you feel better soon!

Saly said...

What a great day!! I hope you are feeling better.