Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Proud Momma

This evening we had our very first Parent Teacher conference. It went so well. I have adored Zachariah's teacher from the beginning. She is just great.

Zachariah is doing really well academically. He is doing fantastic in reading. He is reading beyond what she's doing in class, so she's challenging him with the next step up in books. He sounds out words so well and figures things out quickly. He's been doing this at home, and I'm constantly amazed at what he knows. I really appreciated her telling us about trying to challenge him and push him a little farther. She can see that he needs that. And he definitely likes to be challenged. He gets bored quickly if it's not challenging. He knows all his numbers and is writing well. He is doing well in Math too.

The problems that she told us about are things that he has issues with at home. They are minor and we will work on them and continue to remind him of those things. He rushes through some work, like writing and scissor work. Although, she said this has been happening a lot with a bunch of students lately. They want to finish first, so she's really working on quality work and not speed.

He also likes to be nosy about what other students are doing when he's supposed to be doing something else. (And he reports to the teacher when they aren't doing what they are supposed to be.) I think this is something that many kids have trouble with at this age. We decide just to remind him to focus on his work and not worry about everyone else.

And he sometimes charges into something without waiting to hear the directions. He thinks he knows how to do it, so he does. He has been doing this for a long time. He gets things done fast, because he can figure them out quickly. Then he doesn't want to wait for someone to tell him what to do next, he'll just do what he thinks he should. We'll reinforce this at home and she'll continue with the gentle reminders at school.

She also told us how much fun it is having him in her class. He's a funny kid with a lot of personality. And when he has a conversation with you, it's like talking to another adult. (He's always been like this.) It's always funny to me how this amazes people, we're just used to it.

All in all he's doing great. I was so glad to hear this. And I love that his teacher pays enough attention to know what he needs. I knew going into public school that there was a chance Zachariah wouldn't get the pushes he needed. He started kindergarten knowing so much already, but he is getting just what he needs. I know that he'll continue to excel. I'm very proud of my boy.

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Kelsey said...

Glad conferences went so well for you! I'm really happy to hear he is being challenged in Kindergarten. That was not our experience, but we're very pleased with first grade. Hope it continues to go well.