Friday, November 25, 2011


My life has felt very hectic lately. The good news is that I don't feel too stressed about it. It's just been busy, and getting a cold (and feeling so tired today) in the middle of it doesn't help. Also the fact that there is a quickly approaching holiday doesn't help.

Right now I have no desire to decorate my house for Christmas. I can't figure out if it's because I am sick right now or I'm just not in the holiday spirit yet. I'm hoping it will hit at some point. (There was a Christmas, years ago, that I didn't put up our tree. I was not in a festive mood and didn't feel like dealing with it. Hoping I don't get to that this year.) I usually love putting up our tree and decorations. It's fun to have beautiful, festive house.

This week seemed like a big blur of activities. Monday was my usual busyness with Bible study at church and then trying to catch up on laundry, dishes and other chores that get put off over the weekend (especially since we were away last weekend). Tuesday I took Matt's truck to a neighboring town to have new tires put on. While they were working on it, I got a loaner car. I drove to Zachariah's school to help with his class Thanksgiving "feast". We had a great time there. I went back to the car dealership to pick up the truck, then home to get a few quick things done before Zachariah got home. Wednesday, Zachariah didn't have school. We drove to Columbus to pick up our family photographs that were ready. (They turned out so well. Have I posted my favorite here yet?) But we did make good use of our time

Thursday was Thanksgiving, which means running around to various relatives and stuffing ourselves, although it's not as bad as Christmas. We live a little way away from our families, so we end up driving the farthest to participate in family get-togethers. It gets very hectic and a little crazy, but I love it. Being with my family is such an important part of the holidays, I'll do it as long as I can.

Today Matt had to work, so Zachariah and I stayed home. I am not a big Black Friday shopper. I don't like all the crowds. We slept in and were pretty lazy all morning. Zachariah got to play video games for an hour or so, which thrilled him because he hasn't had time lately. After lunch I asked him to clean his room. It was driving me nuts, and with Christmas coming I don't want to deal with putting more toys and things into an already messy room. I couldn't believe that he readily went in and cleaned for about an hour or so with no help or complaining! He cleaned up everything and did what I'd asked. OK, so I did bribe him a bit, but still there is usually at least a little whining. Not today, so the room is clean and I let him spend the rest of the afternoon eating popcorn and candy while watching movies.

While today was a nice little break from all the hectic plans, the rest of the weekend isn't that way. Tomorrow I have to go to church early for a funeral. We lost a precious lady earlier this week, and I am helping with the dinner afterwards. Matt will come to the funeral, but he's heading home after that. The burial is a little ways away, so it might be a while before the dinner starts. Plus the Ohio State vs. Michigan game is tomorrow afternoon. I will miss it, but at least Matt will be able to get home in time to watch it. I know he has some other things to do around the house (like clean the gutters before the snow starts flying), so he'll have plenty going on. And Sunday is always busy with our involvement in church things.

Whew! I'm glad next week won't be quite this busy. Maybe that's why I'm not in the Christmas spirit yet. I think once I have a day or two to get back on a normal schedule around here and catch up on housework and chores, it will help. But we all know there are plenty of activities to keep us all busy between now and Christmas. Fortunately so far most of them are on the weekends (every weekend between now and the end of the year to be exact). Ahh...


kristi said...

I understand. I didn't feel like putting up the tree yesterday. Maybe tomorrow. Today I am at work. Blah.

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