Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Forever Family

My cousin and her husband just adopted their foster kids today. When they started this journey about 2 years ago, I'm sure they never saw this path.

My cousin, let's call her Leigh, and her husband knew when they first got married that they didn't want children right away. They wanted to take their time together and in their careers (they are both in church ministry) and see where things went. They said when they were married 5 years, they would discuss children.

Leigh has never been a big "baby person". She's always said that if she could just get her kids at about 3 years old or older, that would be perfect for her. Well, once she and her husband started discussing children (after those 5 years) they talked about having babies, fostering, and possibly adopting. They felt like they had a lot to offer children who didn't have a family.

Well, they ended up pursuing the fostering option. They went through classes and went in with the intention to foster to adopt. They thought they might foster a set of siblings or several kids together. They were set to be open for fostering after a scheduled missions trip.

That missions trip was supposed to be to Haiti. The devastating earthquake hit Haiti about two weeks before Leigh and her husband were supposed to go. Their trip was cancelled. They got a call from the fostering agency. There was a young brother and sister who were adoptable and were looking for their "forever family". They thought Leigh's home would be great for them.

The brother and sister were placed with Leigh. It was a great situation. The kids were 3 and 5 when they came. The transition was tough, especially for the 5 year old girl. She remembered going to the last foster home (which was a great home), and she had memories before that too. The boy really only remembered the past foster home, so this was rough for him to think about getting a new "mommy".

For a year and a half Leigh and her husband worked with these kids. They formed bonds, went through intensive therapy, and always talked about how they would be these cihldren's "forever mom and dad". A few weeks ago the little boy (who has been through a TON of stuff in this time) told Leigh that "it's a good thing he loved Mommy, because she could be his 'forever mom' now". You have no idea what this meant to Leigh. When I heard this I cried. What a break through for this little guy.

These children are so precious. Leigh and her husband are fantastic parents. And today they finalized the adoption of their two children. I am so happy for their little family and I can't wait to see what will happen next. But I know these two kids are the luckiest to have amazing parents like this. And I know Leigh and her husband are very lucky to have these precious children in their lives too!


jen(melty) said...

that's awesome, I'm so happy for everyone involved! Thanks for sharing :)

Sarah said...

Oh how wonderful! We have friends who are pursuing this option as well and it hasn't worked out as smoothly for them, but I still hope. They would make such good parents to somebody!

green investing said...

That is wonderful news. My husband and I are looking at doing something similar.

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georgi said...

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