Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Few Questions for You

Tonight I have a few questions for you:

  1. The holiday season is upon us, what are you most excited about?
  2. What makes you first think about the holidays? Get-togethers? Shopping for gifts? Decorating? Baking? Cooler weather? Or something else?
  3. When do you do most of your gift buying for Christmas?
  4. Do you have any favorite holiday traditions?
  5. Do you go to family dinner for Thanksgiving? Or is it a small intimate dinner at home?
  6. What food/s do you make for Thanksgiving?
  7. Do you go to stores for Black Friday sales?
  8. Who is on your gift list?
  9. Do you host or attend any Christmas or holiday parties?
  10. What do you do to keep your kids busy during Christmas break?

Since I asked, I'll answer too:
  1. I love seeing my extended family during the holidays. My parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins and more get together. Plus I enjoy Matt's family as well.
  2. I get the baking bug when the holidays get close.
  3. I have been collecting gifts over the last few months (probably a few things since spring). We don't buy a lot, so I'm pretty far along. Not too much else to do.
  4. I like having our little gift exchange before Christmas (with Matt & Zachariah). I like having our family thing with Matt's family on Christmas Eve then going to my parents' house and waking up Christmas morning with them.
  5. We have 3 Thanksgiving dinners. My maternal grandmother has dinner the Sunday before, my paternal grandparents have dinner Thanksgiving Day at 1:00, and Matt's aunt has dinner at 4:00 Thanksgiving Day.
  6. I usually bring a dessert, cookies or something similar. We travel a lot that week and live the farthest away from everyone else, so I keep it simple. Plus there is always so much food.
  7. No, I do NOT like the crowds.
  8. We buy gifts for Zachariah, sometimes each other, parents, siblings and nephews/niece. That's pretty much it.
  9. Not other than family functions. I keep thinking about hosting a Christmas party and inviting all our local friends. (I like to host parties, but rarely do it due to the expense.)
  10. I don't know, this is our first year with Christmas vacation from school. I need ideas! Help!


Pam said...

Isn't it funny how we LOVE Christmas as kids and then we just party & don't really love it again until we HAVE kids (me at least).
I really liked your comments and I think you should post that party! Go for it woman!
Ps: I am going to do this on my blog. Thanks for the idea! :-)

d e v a n said...

1 - I love Thanksgiving and Christmas, and L's birthday is in there too. SO much to be excited about!

2 - Family. :)

3- Before Thanksgiving. I'm already done this year.

4 - Elf on the Shelf, Santa, making a birthday cake for baby Jesus.

5 - I wish we were closer to family. We often miss out on family dinners. This year we will be at my family's house for tday.
6 - all the traditional tday stuff.

7 - NEVER.

8 - my kids. both sets of grandparents. my nieces/nephews. Sister, bro, inlaws. husband.

9 - If I can...
10 - we never have a shortage of stuff to keep us busy. I wish we could relax a bit instead.