Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 7 - Family Time

Day 7 - Making family time is important to me. How do you balance your children, relationship, and worklife?

As you can tell by my posts this weekend, family is very important to me. But for the case of this question, I'll write about my immediate family- my husband and my son. They are my life. Being a stay at home mom/homemaker makes this even more true. My life, right now, revolves around my family. So as far as balance it's not really too hard. Of course there are always challenges, but I'm not working outside the home and I'm glad to not have to worry about adding that to the mix.

In addition to taking care of my family's needs, I also enjoy spending time with them. My son loves playing games and doing puzzles, so I make time for that with him. After school, after supper, on the weekends are all great times to play a board game together and just have a little one on one time. Matt and I are usually alone together in the evenings. We talk, laugh and everything else. I'm glad that almost every day we have this time together. Those few hours can really refresh me.

And we all love to travel together. We don't have to go far, but it's fun to have little adventures together. This summer we did a lot of little trips and had a great time. Matt & I have always enjoyed little getaways. And now that Zachariah is a little older, it's easy to take him along. He's always been a good car rider, so trips that involve a little driving aren't too bad. And he enjoys seeing new things and going to new places too. For us this is great quality family time. I think this is the stuff memories are made of, and we'll always have fond memories of our time together. In fact soon we have a little weekend trip planned. We're going to Chicago to the Toy & Game Fair. We did it last year and all had a blast. It will be a fun weekend! I enjoy getting away with my two guys.

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