Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 5 - Brothers

Today we got to see my brother-in-law, Matt's brother, Ben. Ben lives in Kansas. We live in Ohio. We haven't seen Ben since his wedding about a year and a half ago. Ben is awesome. I wish he lived closer with his wonderful wife.

This was the first time that Ben had met his nephew, Patrick, and his niece, Grace. He was great with both of them. And he had fun playing with Zachariah too. Ben has always been a great uncle. And since he has no kids of his own (and his wife doesn't desire any), he does enjoy spending time with them when he can.

We're going to see him again for a brief time tomorrow. We see him so little that the time we have is precious. It's just fun to be around him. Matt always seems to loosen up and have more fun when his brother is around. Boy, I wish he was around more. I guess now it's our turn to take a trip to Kansas again.

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Laura Diniwilk said...

Oh, I didn't know you live in Ohio! So of course when I clicked through to comment I see it in your tagline. I am observant.

Hi from Akron!