Friday, November 18, 2011

Little Trips

Matt and I have always enjoyed taking little weekend trips here and there. We've done this since we were first married (11 years and counting now). I can't even remember all of the little trips we've taken.

We've been to Mohican (Ohio), Kenosha (WI), Birch Run (MI), Grove City (PA), Shipshewana (IN), Flint (MI), Pigeon Forge (TN), Chicago (IL) and so many more. Some of these have been shopping trips (we love outlet malls). Some are sight seeing trips. Some are just the type of trip when we just drive and see where we end up.

There is just something about having a little time away from home and responsibilities. And it doesn't have to cost much to do this either. We love booking online with the sites that search for cheap hotel offers.

And now it's fun traveling with the kid too. It helps that Zachariah is (and always has been) a good car rider. He does really well in the car. And he doesn't even always need much to do either. He's pretty easy when it comes to that.

So, jump in the car and do a little one or two day getaway every now and then. You never know that adventures you'll find.

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