Wednesday, November 16, 2011


In my marriage there are things that I am good at contributing and things that Matt is good at contributing. I'd say all in all we make a great team. I do most of the housework, dishes, laundry, etc. Matt does the yard work and home maintenance.

Yesterday I washed dishes, then emptied the garbage to take outside. We store our garbage bags under the sink, and I noticed the top of the first bag was wet. Upon further investigation I found the tub I keep cleaners and odds and ends in was full of water. Thank goodness this was under there, or we would have had water everywhere. I caught it just in time. A piece under the sink drain had broken, so everything was draining under the sink into this tub.

This is where Matt comes in. He was able pretty quickly assess the problem, buy the parts, replace things, and put the sink back together. Tonight it's back to working order. I'm so thankful that Matt is handy like this, and I don't have to call a plumber when something like this happens. I could see what the problem was, but I would not have been able to fix it. He does stuff like this around the house all the time. He'd gotten to be quite the handyman over the years we've owned this house. I really appreciate that too.

I do my part, and he does his. I like that we balance each other out to keep our household running smoothly.

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Nik-Nak said...

Yes! I, too, am very fortunate to never have to call in outside help.
Between my husband and brother-in-law I have a built in handy man, car maintenance man, yard boy, pool boy, and constructer of things.
Yay, for skilled men.