Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What really matters

Today I was humbled, by seeing true humility from someone else.

OK, I've tried writing this blog 3 times now. The only thing that I've kept each time is that line at the beginning. I guess I really don't need to go into details. That's not what matters.

Here's enough of the story to get the point. I crossed paths today with someone who needed help. Another mother who needed something for her child. I jumped up immediately to do what I could for her. And later Matt and I talked about it, and we've decided to help a little more.

This young mother was so grateful for this little thing that I did for her. But it was something that she needed. I didn't mind doing it. In fact, I loved doing it for her. I love helping others. In just the 4 minutes I talked to her, she hugged me 3 times and thanked me over and over. I told her all I wanted for her was to keep being a great mom.

We are so blessed. We have everything we need and a lot that we want. My son has more clothes than a child his age should rightfully have. It's crazy to see the closet full, and yet I just can't resist buying something new every once in a while. I have never had to wonder where I'll get the money to buy diapers, food, or anything. God has blessed us. And I love that I can pass it on.

Here I have been concerned and proud of my son for being so smart and learning sign language and everything else he's doing now. And after this experience today, I thought, you know, that is the stuff that really doesn't matter. What really matters is the my son is happy, healthy, loved, and cared for. And so is this other child, even though she can't offer him as I much as I can for my son. But I know he is loved. And THAT is what really matters.


Bunny said...

God bless you. Sometimes I have to step back and look at the incredible life I have and appreciate it. Thank you for doing something for another mother who needed help.

desperate housewife said...

Nothing makes you feel better than helping someone else, I think. Which means there are no truly selfless deeds, since the most unselfish acts are the ones that end up making us feel the best... Weird.

Lainey-Paney said...

Good for you.
Helping others really feels good!

Mommy Daisy said...

Thanks everyone. My view is that if you're in a position to help sommeone, then do it!

DH - HA HA! "Friends"! There are no truly selfish deeds. Indeed. (I love friends by the way. So sad it's gone.)