Sunday, April 29, 2007


What is wrong with me? I have been a crazy person this weekend. It's been an up and down roller coaster. I'm not sure why. Hormones? Is it that time of month? It could be. Am I pregnant? Well...I don't think I am, but who knows. (My mother says it's always a possibility.) Somethings got to give soon. I think I'm starting to drive myself nuts. I just sat down here with some Almond M&M's, so maybe that will help. Chocolate is always good.

Friday I was crabby, because of this issue I posted about. That just put me in a bad mood all night. And I think blogging about it made me think about it more, so I just stayed in that mood.

Saturday was fun. We all went to a community garage sale. I found a few places with some name-brand, barely used baby clothes for Zachariah to wear next winter. Even though it wasn't much, it was nice to find a few deals. And I normally hate to go to garage sales. Bleck. But we walked for 2 hours around the really nice neighborhoods. Matt and I talked the whole time, while Zachariah was content in his stroller. It worked out nice. Then we stopped for ice cream afterwards....a treat we haven't indulged in for some time. Oh, and the kind I tried was amazing! When we got home, Zachariah was ready for a nap. He slept for 2 hours. I was even able to lay down for 1/2 hour. It felt nice. Then Matt's parents came over. Matt grilled burgers, and we had salads with them. Yum. It was fun having them over. So, see, Saturday was fun! Matt even commented that I was in a much better mood. (Although, he was not perceptive enough to figure out WHY I was in a bad mood the night before. And for fear of biting off his head, I did not tell him.)

Today. Well, I asked Matt to keep an eye on Zachariah this morning, so I could get my shower. Matt was already showered and dressed and reading the paper. Zachariah was already up, changed, dressed, and had eaten breakfast. Shouldn't be hard...just let the kid play with his toys. By "keeping an eye on him" all I meant was that he had to make sure he didn't hurt himself or get into too much trouble. I didn't think it was much to ask. But I got this pathetic "I guess". ERRRRR! So, I went and got my shower (cold though it was). I took my sweet time. Normally I would wait to do my hair and make-up. But NO, not this morning. I stayed into the bathroom until I was completely ready. And the boy was fine that whole time. Imagine that! I was so mad. I shouldn't have to ask my husband to watch the kid just so I can get a shower. Anyway, off to church we went. Then we came home, had lunch (well I took care of myself and the kid and Matt took care of himself), Matt mowed the yard, then I did the dishes and stuff. Zachariah went down for a nap, so I took my chances to lay down myself. I actually got to sleep a little while. That is until I heard the slamming of the doors. I heard Matt go into Zachariah's room to get him (his door creaks, and it sounded like he threw it open). Then he must have let the screen door slam later on. I didn't sleep after he got Zachariah up, but I figured I'd just stay there for a while and watch TV. Usually Matt ends up letting Zachariah come in to bug me, so I thought my time was limited. But, he was actually thoughtful and let me be. I finally came out after about 1/2 hour, because I was getting bored and knew there were things I should be doing.

Zachariah played for a while, then Matt talked about going to the home improvement store to get something. He actually said he'd like to take Zachariah with him. SHOCK! Well, not too much...he does it once in a while. It just doesn't happen often that he lets me have a little time to myself at home. Anyway, so I happen to see Matt back out. HE HIT MY CAR WITH THE TRUCK. He backed right into it. Luckily he just hit the front grill and his bumper, so there was no damage. I had parked behind him, so he could get the mower out of the garage. Oh my, I was sick when I saw him hit my car. I thought he would come in and tell me, but he didn't. He did get out to check for damage, then he went to the store. So, I just tried to forget about it for now. From the front window I didn't see any damage, and I figured I'd let him tell me when he got home. He did tell me about it 2 hours after he got home. He felt really bad about it. Is it wrong that I didn't tell him I saw him do it and was just waiting for him to tell me?

While they were gone I cleaned out Zachariah's closet. I needed to sort out some clothes he wasn't wearing anymore. It was fun seeing all his baby clothes again...even though I was putting them away. So, I got about 3/4 of that done before they came back from the store. But Zachariah just played near me while I finished getting it all put back together.

Did I mention that Matt and I got into a big discussion again today about joining a small group? that lead to nothing but frustration for us both. I think we need to talk about it again when I'm in a MUCH better mood.

Anyway, there are most of my weekend problems. Well, the ones stemming from Matt anyway. I told my friend on Friday that I don't know why, but he is just driving me nuts. But I love him to death. Here were my other issues today: I was nauseous a few times and I had a funny ache/pain in my stomach. While I was cleaning out Zachariah's closet I thought I was going to lose everything I'd eaten. It went away after a few minutes, but yuck. I feel OK now, but it's come and gone all afternoon into evening. Hopefully it's nothing major.


Swistle said...

Paul will do the EXACT SAME kind of response if I ask him to watch the babies while I shower, even though surely we ALL know that it is only completely fair (1) for him to do it and (2) for me to have a shower. I've changed the way I ask, so that I don't end up killing him. Instead of saying, "Can you watch the babies while I take a shower?," which gets me the "*sigh* I suppose" response, I now say, "Okay, I'm going to take a shower now," and then I just go do it, assuming he's smart enough to realize that this means he's in charge of the kids.

Sarah said...

Sound like you love baby clothes as much as I do! Quick tip! Check out for some totally cute baby clothes!

Shauna said...

What a weekend!
Gavin is much the same way. There's something about men who think that as long as they are in the same house as the child, that means they're watching the kid. Obviously thinking "watching the kid" means ONLY watching the kid.

Mommy Daisy said...

Swistle - So maybe I should make it an issue. I've considered it. I'm kind of glad I'm not the only one. I struggle with this when I think about having more children. I also know my dad says that he regrets his selfishness when we were babies/little ones. Maybe Matt will realize this before it's too far gone.

Sarah- Thanks for the links. I will bookmark that. Looks like lots of cute clothes. I do love baby clothes. I don't do much online shopping (if at all), but I already told Matt I want to buy lots online for the next baby.

Shauna - Yes, it's not like he has to drop everything just to make sure the kid isn't injuring himself. Ahhh, men.