Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Danger Zone

How can we constantly keep our children from harm? Just thinking about this makes my heart ache. We all see it on the news every day. A child wanders away from his parents never to be seen again. Kidnappings. Rapes. What a sad world we live in.

We all think that we're doing the best for our children and watching them all the time. This would never happen to our children. But the parents of the children who were kidnapped probably think they're protecting their children in the same way. How paranoid should we be about this?

In one book I read about parenting the author tells about his views about being around your kids all the time. ("First Time Mom" by Dr. Kevin Leman) He shares that he and his wife never let any of their 5 children stay overnight with friends. They didn't feel that was safe. How well do you know they parents? How well do you know any other family members that may enter that house? And many other questions. To some extent I feel that this is a bit extreme. We stayed over at friends' houses all the time when we were kids/teens. Yes, it does pay to know the family, though. On the other hand, how well will that parent watch the children. My child? Do I really trust that they will do things the way I do them? Do they know that their uncle who happens to stop by is a child molester? Stuff like that scares me. So maybe my children will never sleep over at any one's house.

It's just a whole big issue on how do we protect our children. My son fell into the door, and he consequently had a HUGE bruise on his head for several days. Was I watching my son? Yes! Could I have saved him from getting hurt? No, it happened so quickly that I couldn't have stopped it. I think the only way to protect him from physical harm (at this age) is to wrap him in huge sheets of bubble wrap. Do you think that would work? But then we'd need to talk about the psychological damage it would cause him in elementary school.

For now I'll just trust in God to protect my family. I'll continue to pray over them daily. I'll tuck my son into bed at night, knowing I'll see him safe and sound in the morning.


Devan said...

I worry about the sleeping over thing too. It seems you just can't trust anybody anymore. :(

desperate housewife said...

I read that book, too (First Time Mom.) It was good for the most part, although I do remember thinking his views on protectiveness were a BIT extreme. On the other hand, I agree with his general feeling that most childhood tragedies such as sexual molestation, kidnapping, etc. could be prevented if parents were just a little less trusting of others.
If I ever had ANY misgivings about anybody, even a relative, you can bet my kid would not ever be in a room alone with them for any period of time. And things like walking to school or to a friend's house alone? Nope, not gonna happen. You just never know.