Friday, April 27, 2007

Diaper Duty

I don't know how it is in your house, but this is a typical occurrence here.

Zachariah: Making grunting noises and signing "potty" (which means he's dirtying his diaper)
Me: Uh oh, not again. Honey, it's your turn this time. I changed ALL his diapers today and already dealt with a messy one.
Hubby: No, that's OK, you can take care of it.
Me: Ha, ha, nope it's on you.
Hubby: Silent
Zachariah: Back to playing - didn't mess diaper

***cut to 10 minutes later***

Me: Oh, he's definitely going potty this time.
Hubby: Oh?
Me: Yes, he wants to fill a diaper for Daddy.
Zachariah: Signing "potty", grunting, starting to stink
Me: Eww, go let Daddy smell it.
Hubby: Gives me a look for that comment
Me: Well, I guess someone needs to change him. Go ahead.
Hubby: Yeah, right.
Me: Gets up, takes child into the other room and changes his stupid diaper....again! For the millionth time this week!
Hubby: Comes into the nursery after the diaper is changed and a fresh one is on. Takes out the trash and announces: I'm taking out the trash.
Me: thinking: Gee thanks, especially since I asked you to do it 2 hours ago. And I do it EVERY OTHER SINGLE TIME!
Me: Completely ignores hubby's attempt at getting a Thank You, and goes on her merry way with a fresh smelling baby.


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Jennifer said...

And I thought this conversation only happened at my house! Sheesh!

Thanks so much for the sympathy the other day at my blog, much appreciated!

Swistle said...

I find that these "pretend kidding" fights sometimes work with Paul because they give him a way to give in without it being a battle he's losing: that is, he can say in a fake exasperated voice, "Why do I always have to do all the work around here??" as he goes to change the diaper. It doesn't sound like it's working with Matt, though; it sounds like he's using it as a way to not do the work and also get out of a fight. Sometimes it's worth the stress of stepping it up to something more serious and fight-like, in the hopes that it won't be a recurring issue.