Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The big 5-0!

Well, this is my 50th post since I started this blog. I have enjoyed blogging so far, and I think it's something I will keep up for a while. I've never been good at journaling, but I've always felt like I needed someway to vent and share my life and feelings. This is working out perfectly for me. I haven't found my blog niche yet, but I think I will some day. Until then I'll keep up my random blogging.

So, in honor of my 50th blog, I'm going to make a list of 50 random things about me. I'll try to make it interesting. We'll see how this goes.

1. My middle name is Jean. Ugh. I'm not terribly fond of it, but I don't know what I would choose instead. It is my mother's and grandmother's middle name. I used to feel like I should pass it on to my firstborn girl, because that's how it's gone so far. But I don't think I could do that now. (It happens to be my mother-in-law's middle name too. Strange.)

2. I LOVE my in-laws! I know so many people who have in-law trouble. I don't! They're great! My second set of parents. We have always gotten along great. (Maybe this will make a good future post about them.)

3. If my son would have been a girl his name would have been Layla Nichole. I don't think I'd choose this for future children. We didn't talk about girl names for very long before we found out we were having a boy, so if it would have been a girl I'm sure other names would have come up. Who knows if I would have stuck with the name. I didn't want to name the baby before it was born. I think I will always be that way. I want options until the end.

4. I hate ironing. I don't mind doing laundry, but I want NOTHING to do with anything that needs ironed.

5. I don't have a dishwasher, and that sucks.

6. We couldn't really put a dishwasher in this kitchen unless we completely remodeled. And that's out of the question for now.

7. I've lived in Ohio all my life. Actually, I lived in the same house from birth until I got married. And my parents lived there 2 years before I came along, and they just moved 2 years ago. They bought a nicer house out in the country about 3 miles from where we grew up.

8. I was a virgin until I got married. The honeymoon was fun.

9. I don't drink coffee, but I worked in a coffee shop for a year. I can make any coffee drink, and I loved the smell of it. Couldn't drink it, though. Well, I tried things, I just wouldn't choose to drink coffee/espresso.

10. I can play 3 instruments: piano, trumpet, and french horn. I've played piano since I was 5 and walked to my neighbors house early every Saturday morning for lessons. I still play. I started playing trumpet in 5th grade and played all through high school. I've played for church a few times, and I pull it out occasionally. I learned the French Horn in high school, but I never played it much. I still remember how, and I would love to get one to play again.

11. I married my high school sweetheart. We started dating when we were freshman. It's only gotten better the longer we're together. We'll celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary this summer.

12. I majored in Elementary Education in college and minored in Math. I am certified to teach grades 1-8 in the state of Ohio, and Math is listed as my concentration area on my certificate.

13. When I was a kid I wanted to be a teacher or a missionary.

14. I always knew I wanted to be a stay at home mom. I couldn't wait to become a mother. (It's exceeded my expectations.)

15. I have 2 younger sisters - Rachel & Mary. Rachel and I are best friends. Mary and I hardly talk, and when we do I stew about her for a week afterwards. Her life has gone a different direction that I'd have hoped for her. I hope that she gets things straightened out before she gets hurt worse than she has.

16. I have never been drunk. To be more precise I've never had more than one drink at a particular time. And then only drinks I've had are margaritas, daiquiris, wine coolers, and wine (which I'm not thrilled about). I probably have an alcoholic beverage a few times a year. Yep, that's me a goody-two-shoes. Actually there are many reasons for this. I don't want to take up this whole thing telling about it. Let's just say I'm not opposed to having alcohol, but I'm not really that fond of it.

17. I love to bake! Cakes, cookies, other desserts. I love to be creative and try new things. I can make fancy stuff, but I rarely do. I don't bake much, so it's even more fun when I do.

18. I hate dusting, but it feels very satisfying when I do it.

19. I kill houseplants. Well, I have a few that I've managed to keep alive for a few years. But I have no room for them.

20. In high school, Matt and I saw "Titanic" 3 times when it was in the theaters. We own 2 copies of it on video tape now. One is unopened (maybe we can sell it some day).

21. I'm a dork. I'm sure you've figured this out by my list so far. Ha.

22. I still have my bouquet of flowers from my wedding. It's in my living room as decoration. We dried the flowers, and it still looks pretty.

23. I love buying baby clothes. My son's wardrobe is so much nicer than mine. He has more outfits and much nicer ones too.

24. I like Sudoku puzzles. The more challenging, the better.

25. I can't "Magic Eye". :(

26. I like to cross-stitch, but I haven't done any in a while. I've been getting the itch again. I might start some new projects, and then I'll have something to do on vacation next month.

27. My favorite vacation spot is the beach in North Carolina. We've stayed at the Outer Banks, Atlantic Beach, and Emerald Isle. Emerald Isle is my favorite, and that's where we're going in May.

28. I watch reality TV, especially in the summer when only reruns are on.

29. I travelled to Paris, France with my family for a week while I was in college. It was amazing, and I want to go back someday.

30. I would love to travel all over Europe someday.

31. I like to pen pal via snail mail. I used to have quite a few pen pals, but I've cut back to a few favorite friends. It's fun.

32. I love Sanrio stationery.

33. I had a math teacher in high school who was a genius. If there was time left at the end of class, he would let us ask him trivia questions. We were always trying to stump him. I don't think we ever did. The man knew how many "flowers" there are on an Oreo - among many other useless bits of trivia. I loved his classes.

34. My favorite flower is a daisy, and I have a bed of them in front of my house. I love when they're in full-bloom in the middle of summer.

35. I was a writer, and later editor, for my college newspaper The Defender. I still have issues of it saved in files.

36. My favorite things to wear are jeans and a comfy shirt.

37. I want to learn to crochet. I bought supplies and an instruction book once, but I need someone to show me I think. I just can't quite figure it out.

38. I tend to be a night owl, and Matt is an early bird.

39. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I love being all warm and snugly in sweaters and warm houses. It's not as hectic as Christmas, but we get to see all our families.

40. I don't know what I would do without high-speed Internet. After having it for so long, I think I might give up the Internet if I didn't have high-speed.

41. I have a MySpace account. Eek.

42. My hair is pretty long right now, and I'm thinking about cutting quite a bit off. I'll probably do it this month if I do.

43. My parents are 2 of my best friends. I could talk to either of them about anything and everything. They are awesome!

44. I can't wait to have another baby.

45. Actually, I want more than one more baby. I'd like 4-5 kids total.

46. Matt isn't sure he wants anymore children. (I try to reassure him that not all children have the same temperament as Zachariah - not that his is bad but he prefers Mommy.)

47. It took us 1 1/2 - 2 years to get pregnant for Zachariah. I think that's why I'm ready to start trying for another baby any time now. I worry a little that it could take that long again.

48. I LOVED being pregnant. The aches, pains, and morning sickness I didn't really mind too awfully bad. I was a pretty easy-going pregnant woman. I didn't have too many complaints. And it's not that they weren't warranted.

49. I'd ideally like to be down at least 25 pounds before I get pregnant again. (I'm working on it, see #50.)

50. I lost 5 pounds this last week and a half! YEAH!

Ok, I finally finished my silly list. If you lasted this long, I hope you enjoyed getting to know more about me. I was running out of things to say.


Kelli in the Mirror said...

I love this list! You're right, I think you and I do have a lot in common.

By the way, I love the combination of #8 and #11. So sweet. Seems like you don't see much of that anymore.

Suburban Oblivion said...

Actually that was pretty interesting! I don't drink coffee either, about the only person I know who doesn't.

Devan said...

Nice list! Very interesting and I'm impressed that you came up with so many!!

Swistle said...

This was really fun.

1. I really like the name Jean, and we considered it as a middle name for Elizabeth. But I think naming traditions are only good if the person WANTS to do it--otherwise, it's not fair letting people name their own kids AND someone else's. Maybe if you had a girl you could use it as a second middle name? That way you still get to choose a first and middle, but you also please your relatives.

5. We don't have a dishwasher either, and 6. is the reason. Although what I want more is a sink garbage disposal.

45. I can't speak yet for five kids, but four kids is great! I'm shooting for six.

46. Parental preferences are more a stage thing than a temperament thing. Kids go back and forth over the years about who they prefer. Also, in my experience (my own husband and friends' husbands), woman are almost always more certain than men about having more children. Men worry more about it.

Mommy Daisy said...

Oh, I'm gla you liked my list. I'm surprised I thought of that many things. It took my all day to write them.

Kelli - Thanks. Yep, not many people do that anymore. It's something I'll be proud to tell my children. :)

SO - Oh, another non-coffee person. Not many others, I agree.

Devan - Thank you. I hope it was semi-interesting.

Swistle - I'm glad to hear my middle name isn't as outdated as I thought it was. A LOT of my childhood friends had it as a middle name too. Oh, I need a garbage disposal too! No room for that either. :( Glad to hear about the baby stages. I think my husband sees that from when he was a newborn my son needed me more than him. It is getting better, really it is. (I have to keep reminding him of that too.)

desperate housewife said...

That was very interesting! It makes me want to do one, too, but I'm on, like, post 111 or something, so I'd have harder time coming up with random facts!

Mommy Brain said...

I wish you lived next door. Then we could shop for baby clothes together, share sudoku puzzles, and have play dates where we sit and cross stitch while the kids run around the house.

I'm very sorry about #5 and #6. I just hooked up our portable dishwasher and my husband and I fight about 90% less.

Thanks for a great post!

Mommy Daisy said...

DH- Thanks. Yeah, 50 was hard. I don't know what I'll do for 100. Not that. Especially not if I have to get a whole new list.

MB - Sounds like we'd get along spendidly. I actually had a friend just like that, but it was years ago when her little girl was young and I didn't have a child. And she's since moved to California. :( We could possible do a portable dishwasher, but I would have to use it and move it EVERY TIME. It's not really too many arguments for us. I just do it, and that's life.

armando said...
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