Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Tent makers

After lunch today, I decided to make a little tent in the living room for Zachariah to play in. I thought he might enjoy crawling in and out and playing with his toys in there. Actually, he really did like it. He kept laughing when I peeked inside. Then he'd peek out at me when he was playing by himself. He played with that thing for almost an hour. He wore himself out, and he was ready for an early nap! Wow, that doesn't happen often! I have been trying to convince him to even take an afternoon nap for the last few weeks. Then he usually only gets a small nap in before I'm waking him up, so we can go to tutoring. So, I hope that he'll be in a great mood tonight.

This afternoon at the after-school program I work at, we're having an Easter party for the younger kids. I stuffed eggs for an Easter egg hunt. Then we're going to help them dye eggs and a few other crafts. It should be fun. I just hope it doesn't get too out of control. Those are days I come home with a headache.

Yesterday I took Zachariah to the playground. It was 78 and sunny! So nice. Today -- I see snowflakes coming down out there. Welcome to Ohio.

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Suburban Oblivion said...

Ohhh, what a gorgeous boy!!! :D