Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Ahh, life is boring. I suppose I shouldn't ask for more. If it wasn't boring, then something bad would probably be happening. So, I'll take the boring days/weeks. Because really it's been more like a boring week for me.

We had some bedtime issues tonight. I put Zachariah down to sleep at his normal time. He would not sleep. He cried off and on for an hour straight. I finally gave in (NOT typical for me...bedtime means sleeping normally). Matt was not home, so I thought maybe that was the problem. When Matt got home he played with Zac for quite awhile. That seemed to wear him out. Then he was anxious to go to bed. He was trying to figure out how to climb into the crib himself. And now he is peacefully sleeping. I just hope he doesn't do this again tomorrow night. Matt might be gone then too.

I have been watching quite a few movies lately. Oh, probably about 2-3 a week. Is that a lot? Normally I'm lucky to watch 1 a month. The reason...Vongo. It came with a free trial loaded on our laptop. We really like it so far. It's not as nice as say Netflix, but for us who don't watch that many movies it has plenty that we've never seen. I've watched so many different movies lately that they're all starting to become predictable. Maybe I need to expand my typical genres of movies.

I guess that's all I have to talk about. What an exciting life I lead!


Kelli in the Mirror said...

I've never heard of Vongo. Sounds intriguing, especially since we have an Xbox360 and apparently it works through that. Hmm..

Mommy Daisy said...

Yeah, it's not bad. Cheaper than Netflix...depending on what service you order. You download the movie and watch them as often as you want. You can download as many as you want at a time. I hook our computer up to the TV if we're watching a movie together. Otherwise, it's nice watching them on the laptop. It's got a wide-screen HD, so it's nice.