Friday, April 20, 2007

Sometimes you just gotta go

Well, first of all let me talk about this last post. It generated a lot of comments. Yes, I know I should be able to have time alone. I do...if I really want/need to...with a little convincing. Anyway, that isn't the real issue. It has more to do with the fact that he won't do something with me that I'd really like to do. Usually, he's on board with doing things with me, but this particular thing not so much. He's not a very social person, and I think this is out of his comfort zone. To be honest I think the other stuff is just excuses to get out of it. I don't yet know if we'll go to the small group or not yet. I'll let you know what happens. I will not go with the baby. It's either all or none. So, if Matt's not interested and I can't convince him, then I won't go either.

But actually, Matt hurt his back this week. He went to the chiropractor today, and he was ordered to relax this weekend and do no yard work (which was his excuse for staying home tomorrow). Ha! Take that! OK, that was mean. :(

Today I had this itching feeling. I just couldn't stay in the house one more day. I needed to go somewhere. Luckily my sister let us come over. She helps her husband run a pizza shop, so she had to be around. But we kept her company since it was a slow afternoon anyway. Plus that was better than walking around the mall again. I knew if I did that I would just buy Zachariah more clothes that he doesn't need. I think his closet will overflow if I put one more thing in there. But a nice visit with my sister did me good.

And on Sunday we've decided to go to my parents' house. The boys are going golfing. I'll just stay back and visit with my mom. It's supposed to be super nice outside, so we'll just chase Zachariah all over the yard. I'm sure he'll love that. And it will be nice for me to just be out again too.

What are your weekend plans. I hope it's warm and sunshiny where you are too. Enjoy.


desperate housewife said...

Ah, weekend plans... Let's see: tonight, this being the start of the weekend, I went to The Meeting Place and had dinner with Adelay, because Jim had gone to La Charreada's for drinks and dinner with coworkers. Yay for me. Then I went to the mall and spent lots of money to punish him!
But I actually was happy about it. See, I bought something I've been wanting that he thought was unnecessarily expensive, but I knew that he wouldn't give me much grief about it because I didn't give him much grief about barely seeing me all night. So we'll call it even. Spousal guilt=leverage to buy things. I know that sounds horribly shrew like and I just set feminism back fifty years, but oh well.

desperate housewife said...

Um, just realized I didn't finish my comment, sorry. Our plans for tomorrow are to set up Adelay's new toddler bed. And by "our," I mean, "Jim's." My plan is to watch.

Mommy Daisy said...

Ha ha, that's funny. Glad that you got something you wanted. I need to go get lunch from The Meeting Place again sometime. It's been a while.

Ooh, good luck with the toddler bed. Are you going to put her in it right away?

Shauna said...

You're not alone in this struggle. I could have written this!

Shauna said...

Whoops; that was left on the wrong post. The above comment was supposed to be for "give me a break" sorry!