Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Voting, organizing, recipes

Today I voted. I always vote, even when there isn't much on the ballot...like today. For my personally it is so important to vote no matter how little the issues. I have never missed a vote since I turned 18 and could vote.

Also, related to yesterday's post...I am making progress on things here. That helps me feel more sane. Shauna mentioned making a list and going with that. Actually, I tend to be a list-maker, but it was starting to stress me out seeing all those things. It was easier for me to get overwhelmed with everything and then do nothing. So, my plan of attack now is just to pick one project that I see each day that needs done. Yesterday I cleaned the bathroom and painted the closet doors. Today I finished painting, organized/cleaned the laundry closet, and then I cleaned out my dresser in the bedroom. Tomorrow I may possibly reorganize the hall closet. But we'll see.

Hmm, there was one other thing that I wanted to blog about today. Oh yes, I remember. I think I'll save it for tomorrow. I am going to share my mom's awesome carmel dip recipe for apples. Yes, my mom rocks! She is a great cook, and I love her. So, come back tomorrow. Also, I have pictures. Mmm!


Misty said...

all hail the list makers! We strive to make life a little easier...
but it doesn't always work out that way!!!
Your productivity inspired me!

Nowheymama said...

My first step on the way to hosting Thanksgiving? Cleaning my daughter's room. It's so much easier to clean someone else's mess. :)

Sara said...

Our baby step has been to do the dishes right after dinner each night rather than letting them sit. Man it is hard!

I always vote too and maintain that nobody has any right to complain, unless they vote.