Monday, November 19, 2007

Baby Naming

I love thinking/dreaming about baby names. That's just one more reason I love Swistle. Here she is having another baby name discussion. And I am glued to the comments. I love this. Just this weekend my cousin was asking me how I chose my son's name and what some other possibilities were. I thought maybe you'd be interested in hearing it. And I think I'm going to tell you some of the other names on my list. (I can't believe I'm doing that, because I'm usually pretty secretive about revealing baby names.) I may or may not use any of those names for future babies. Mostly I think I'll want a whole new list of names for next time. In fact I've already started a girls list, because I didn't get very far with girls' names last time.

I was very funny about sharing baby names. I think I will be for all future children too. I did NOT want to decide on the baby's name until I saw him, but I wanted to have a few names that we both loved on hand. I also was really hesitant to tell people about the names that I really loved. I didn't want people to judge the names and then "ruin" them for me. Matt didn't care about all that. I think he talked to more people about our possible names than I thought. But that was even more reason for me not to name the baby early. I asked Matt for names he liked and told him names I liked. Then we compiled a list, but I had the final say.

For me when I looked for baby names I wanted something people (maybe) knew, but something less common. I wasn't sure I wanted a name in the top 50/100 for the past few years, but I wasn't dead set against that. I seemed more likely to want a unique name for a girl (but nothing too crazy) and a classic name for a boy. Although that wasn't exactly the way I went.

OK, I had no ideas about boy names. At first we threw around Mark, David, John, Matthew, and sometimes Charles as first and/or middle names. These are all family names. My dad is Mark David (and I'd love to used some kind of his name for a future baby), Matt's dad is Charles Edward (Matt's name is Matthew Charles and his brother's name is Benjamin Edward, so they both got a part of their dad's name), and John was my grandfather's name (He passed away only 2 years before I got pregnant and I think this could still be a possibility for at least a middle name in the future.).

When we were looking at girl names (before finding out it was a boy at the 20 week ultrasound) we had one we both really liked. Since we didn't look much more that became our back up name, in case it was really a girl. It was Laila Nicole. Laila (spelled that way), Matt came across it in a baby name book and fell in love with it. He said to me "Laila, how do you feel about that?". I liked it. Then Nicole came in for a middle name, because a childhood friend of mine (named Nicole) died in a car accident when we were seniors in high school. For whatever reason I was thinking of her when I was pregnant, and I felt strongly about using her name for a girl. I don't know if I still would...maybe. We had a few other girl names that we liked, but we didn't get far so I didn't get a chance to keep changing my mind. There is one girl name that I mentioned before that I would consider again. If I had to name a baby girl right now, I know what her name would be. I don't think I want to share it though. It's different. I've never heard it before, but I saw it in a baby name book and loved it. It's not traditional, but it's more trendy sounding. But I don't think people will have too many problems saying it...just maybe spelling it.

OK, tomorrow more about how we settled on some boys names.


desperate housewife said...

I loved the Swistle discussion too! Wasted way too much time reading every single comment!

Jana said...

Oooh...I just LOVE baby name topics. We like to go into the delivery room with choices, too. I always thought I needed to see the baby to make the final decision; glad to hear I'm not alone!

And I'm glad you're discussing boy names tomorrow. We've got several names on our girl list and only one our boy list!

Bethany said...

I am a huge baby name lover :) As in, I have no children yet but own over 25 baby name books...umm...yep!

I love the name Laila-- it's beautiful. Swistle's discussion on baby names is keeping my browser busy this morning for sure :)

Mommy Brain said...

I'm having all the Swistle comments emailed to me. Lovin' it!

Edward Charles was our boy name until we found out we were having two girls. Both are family names.

Laila is a beautiful name. Dying of curiosity on what you'd name a girl. You may have to go have one soon.

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

This baby naming stuff has me in heaven!!!

I really love Laila! It's a beautiful name. In fact, I'm adding it to my possiblities list. Hope that's okay!