Thursday, November 29, 2007


Today was a nice day. In the keeping-us-busy-to-keep-our-minds-off-Matt-being-gone theme, we went shopping with my mom and grandma. It was fun. Zachariah was really good the whole time. He didn't want to let my mom (who he affectionately refers to as "Maw Bahb") out of his sight. And every time we got in our car to go to the next shopping destination, he cried. I think he enjoyed seeing someone else...especially since Matt is away. And the good news is that Matt will be finished early tomorrow, so Zachariah will get to see him before he goes to bed. YEAH! Anyway, here are a few fun photos from our day.


Jana said...

Looks like a fun day and I LOVE his hat! I'm glad your hubby will be home tonight, but sorry to hear that he didn't get the Wii.

Sara said...

Super cute photos! You and your mom look so much alike!

Happy last day of NaBloPoMo!

kristi said...

Wow, how cute is he?? Is he eating spaghetti??

Mommy Daisy said...

Jana- Thanks, we get a LOT of comments about his's from Old Navy. ;) I guess it's OK we didn't get the Wii. If Amazon would bring the price of them down (and have them in stock), we'll just get one with the gift card.

Sara- Thanks, I think everyone is happy to see NaBloPoMo end. I think I will do it next year though. My mom & I used to win look-alike contests hands-down at mother-daughter banquets. :) I think my mom is beautiful, so I take it as a compliment that I look like her (and act like her or at least have a lot of her mannerisms).

Kristi- He was been awfully adorable that day. We had Mexican. He was eating salsa and refried beans.

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