Saturday, November 3, 2007

Lovely Days

Before I go to bed tonight, I must blog. Must blog. Must not skip a day in November. That's been running through my head all day, but I don't know what to blog about.

Today was a lovely day. We had fun together as a family. Matt and I felt like we accomplished a lot around the house/outside. And I bought things! Yeah!
Zachariah let me sleep in this morning, but I thought it was too early and tried to get him to go back to sleep. He would not be conned into sleeping more. So, I gave in and let him come out to get breakfast. On the way to the kitchen I noticed the clock, it was 7:50AM. He DID let me sleep in, but it sure hadn't felt like it. I'm happy for the coming time change, and I don't like that they moved it back so far in the year. It is just too dark in the mornings here. At 8:00AM the sun was just starting to rise. I hate getting up in the dark. HATE. IT. But I do worry a little how the time change will affect Zachariah's waking, napping, sleeping times for the next few days. Usually he does OK and adjusts rather quickly.
Then this morning we went shopping. Kohl's was having a big sale today, plus we had a "15% off your entire purchase" coupon. You just can't beat that. I was in desperate need of some new pants (I only have 2 that I wear over and over; I do laundry often). So I got a pair of jeans and two new shirts. We also bought a little shirt and pants outfit for Zachariah, and Matt got a new pair of shoes. And we didn't spend that much at all, because we got some great deals. We also looked around at a few other stores, then went out for lunch.
By the time we got home, Zachariah was begging for a nap. (He usually gets one between 11:30 - 12:30, and at this point it was 2:00. Poor guy.) He went to sleep quickly, so Matt and I were able to get some things done. Matt changed a belt in his truck, I pulled plants out of the garden, Matt mowed the yard for one last time, we cleaned out the garage a bit, then I painted the laundry closet doors. It felt good to get some things done.
We spent the rest of the day inside watching football. And this evening, Matt and I watched a movie after Zachariah went to bed. We don't watch many movies, so it was a rare treat.
A boring, but lovely day. What did you do?

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Anonymous said...

We went to our city's ag fair today. I didn't know cities had them, but it was a mini-version of a state fair. Not huge but enough to get us outside in the lovely weather. Peanut was in awe of the livestock exhibits (cows! ducks! rabbits! baby goats!) and that was enough for me. Now I'm living in fear of what the time change will feel like tomorrow morning. UGH!