Thursday, November 8, 2007

A note to the handy man

Dear Plumber,

I don't know who you think you are. We are not pleased with the service we received from you.

First you tell us that you can some by at 11:00 Tuesday morning. No problem, we can wait until then. My husband kindly takes off from work at 10:45, so he'll be home to deal with you. By 1:00 we figured you weren't coming. It was nice of you to call, but 2 1/2 hours after our original appointment is a little late to say "oops, I think I missed your appointment". And we're glad that you agreed you'd still come by since we'd be home. Next time please tell us in advance that you're going to be late, so my husband doesn't waste his time off from work. And when you call again 4 hours after the appointment and say you'll be here in a little while, well maybe I can handle that.

But when you come, don't even look at the problem, then say you'll call in the morning before you come by, I get a little angry. Especially since this will be costing us an arm and a leg anyway. I see that you figured out what makes me really mad. Sure, go ahead and don't call us Wednesday morning. It's no inconvenience for me to stay home and wait for you. (I'll save my errands for another time.) But when the whole day goes by without you calling or stopping by, now I'm mad.

Don't worry, though, I honestly think you did us a favor. Since my sweet husband has already done quite a bit of plumbing work on this old house, he decided it wouldn't hurt to see what he could do. If all else fails, we'll call another plumbing company. And no fear, we won't bother you again. In the end we were able to fix the problem, and it saved us $325. So really I owe you a big Thank You.

A happy home owner,

Mommy Daisy

P.S. At this point don't bother calling or I might feel like telling you off. Thanks.


Jana said...

What a jerk! I'm so glad you guys fixed the problem showed him!

d e v a n said...

At least you saved some money I guess.

desperate housewife said...

Good grief! How do some people stay in business?

KatieBug said...

That is just rude!! You should get him fired.

Anonymous said...

Argh! I hate dealing with service people like that. So infuriating!!

cate said...

oh, that sucks! i hate when people give you crappy service...don't they realize that they are being PAID for this???

Kelsey said...

I would consider calling the Better Business Bureau, they keep a record of complaints, I believe. I think you can cut people some slack the first time they goof, sometimes things happen that are out of your control, but if they don't go out of the way to make it better, they are off my list!