Friday, November 16, 2007

The key to sleep

People, I figured it out. I know the magic answer to getting your child (well, maybe my child) to take a REALLY good nap. Zachariah has been sleeping now for 3 1/2 hours! Yes, I said that right. (And just as I typed it I hear him awake in his room. AHH!) Regardless, he did sleep 3 1/2 hours this afternoon.

Here's what I did. Got him up at normal time this morning and went about our typical routine. About 11:00 when we usually eat lunch, I got him ready and we headed out for lunch. I took him to a local pizza joint. We had their buffet. (I suppose this part will only work if your child is a good eater.) I filled him up with veggies, fruits, cheesy bread, potato wedges, pizza, and dessert bread/pizza. Have I mentioned before that this kid can eat? (I wonder how he's still so skinny. It does explain the height though. He has to expand somewhere.) Anyway, he ate a lot. We'd been there for an hour by the time he finished eating. At home lunch would take 1/2 hour, then he'd go down for a nap right after that.

So at this point we were running about an hour past his nap time (he's very flexible about naps). He was happy and well-fed, so I wanted to walk around the craft store for a bit. He was up for it. We were in there for a while, and I noticed he was getting really sleepy. When I asked him if he was ready for a nap, he would nod and then lean his head on his shoulder and pretend to sleep. In the car I kept making him talk to me (counting in Spanish) to stay awake. We were only a 10 minutes drive from home.

He stayed awake. Then he was ready for a nap. And he took a LONG one. See, I think that's the key to success. I don't think I can do this every day, though. It's worth remembering in case I need it.


KatieBug said...

Good job! With my luck my kids would take a 10 minute nap in the car and be done for the day. Then they would just be really grumpy.

Jana said...

Hmm.....I'll have to file this info away for future reference. Thanks!

desperate housewife said...

That going out for lunch trick works really well for me too. We eat way too much McDonalds, but, hey, she's still scrawny, so it can't be killing her yet!

Lisa said...

I have used that same trick myself. I usually try to reserve it for a day when I REALLY need some peace an quiet and don't want them to expect lunch out all the time.

Anonymous said...

This would so never work for me, but I am thrilled for you!