Saturday, November 10, 2007

Is it Thanksgiving already?

It was for my family today. We had an early Thanksgiving dinner with my mom's family. It was nice to see everyone. I got to talk to my mom's cousin's wife (they are my age) who is having baby #2 next week. She is a sweetie, and their first son was born 3 weeks after Zachariah. The boys are still a bit young to play together. They are both only children (until next week, then Sam no longer will be the only child) and they're used to being home with mom. But they got along ok...except when I left (to see Mary's new place nearby). I guess Sam grabbed Zachariah by his hair. They said he had a handful on both sides, and Zac just stood there looking at him strangely until someone took Sam away. Ha! My kid is so laid back. The rest of the afternoon every time Sam came too close, Zachariah would hold out his hand (as if saying come no farther).

We stuffed ourselves with yummy turkey, all the trimings, and lots of desserts. My grandmother kept feeding Zachariah everything! The poor kid was almost overflowing. Plus we kept him up through nap time (there was nowhere for him to sleep there). And honestly he did pretty well. By the time we got back to my parents' house it was silly for him to take a nap. But he usually stays up later here, and he was in bed before 7:00. He also never ate supper. He threw up once, and then ate a few grapes. He wasn't hungry, and I wasn't thrilled about giving him more food. My grandma just kept him fed the whole time we were there. Cookies, fudge, pie, pie, and more pie. Besides he'd already eaten a good meal.

Anyway, we had a fun time. I hope you had a good Saturday.


Misty said...

it sounds lovely! I love Thanksgiving!

desperate housewife said...

Oh, I hate when people take over feeding your kid! They either go all bossy, like, "No getting up until you clean your plate, " or they're WAY too much of a softie and let them skip meals altogether and just eat junk.
But anyways! Glad you had fun!

Sara said...

Oh, I would freak out. I remembr that my MIL tried giving Cait chocolate pie on Thanksgiving when she was 3 months old!!! She kept saying "just a taste on her tounge won't hurt her...." She hadn't even tried solids yet!!!!!!

Sara said...

Also, sounds like you enjoyed your famiy time. Makes me anxious for T-Day!!!

Nowheymama said...

Scott's grandmother kept trying to feed K. at her first Thanksgiving, too. She was also three months old. When we explained that she couldn't eat solids, she tried to give K. gravy. Gravy!