Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The boy names

Sorry that I didn't finish this post last night. I was exhausted. I'm not sure why. Matt and I both went to bed by 9:30PM. And I slept soundly all night long. I feel really rested today, though, so I'm glad. I don't usually go to bed early, and it felt good.

So, here are some of the boys names we threw around before our son was born (some of these may or may not be considered for future boys).

One of the first names we both fell in love with was Jamin. But after discussing it briefly with our parents, we were concerned that people might mispronounce it. So we decided it would be spelled Jaymin if we used it. Matt was set on this name for a long time, and it gradually grew on me. In the end I loved it, but I wanted to use the original spelling - Jamin. I liked that it was easy to say/pronounce, but it wasn't very common. It had slight appeal because it was in the Bible (hidden in there though).

Matt fell in love with the name Ryan somewhere along the line. I was OK with it, but it was never really a serious contender for me. I felt like it was too common.

We decided somewhere in here that we would for sure use Matthew for the middle name. And it seemed to fit all our possibilities. Jaymin Matthew, Ryan Matthew, etc.

Some other names I like(d) but we didn't really consider...mostly because Matt didn't like them. *Josiah (I've always loved that, but for some reason Matt doesn't like it at all. I tried over and over to convince him.)
*Hayden (He didn't like. Now I would not consider it again. Too many girls with the name. I have a thing about boy names being used for girls or vice versa. I want people to look at my son's name and KNOW it's a boy or look at a girl's name and know it's a girl.)
*Graham (I loved this, but Matt didn't like it because of graham crackers. :( Then a boy was born at our church with this name. It suits him well, but I didn't want to use it them because they would be close in age and have two of that name.)
*Levi (I don't remember why we didn't consider this more. I won't use it now, because my cousin just had a baby and used this name. Can you tell I try to steer away from names other people in my life use?)

I know that I had a whole list of names for possibilities, but I don't remember any more. I might still have the list, but it's probably buried in with other baby things. If I ever find them I'll come back and edit this post.

Matt came across the name Zachariah in a baby name book as well. He instantly loved it. This was probably in the 7th or 8th month of my pregnancy. He came to me and said "What about Zachariah?". At first I though "Ehh, it's OK." I did have Zachary on my list, but I was leaning away from it because it's too popular. Matt liked Zachariah better and liked that we could use the nickname Zac (and he wanted it spelled that way). I sort of blew the suggestion off at first. He was convinced about this name though. I kept turning back to Jamin/Jaymin. Then Matt would also try to push Ryan. A few weeks after he first suggested Zachariah I moved it towards the top of my list. Then I realized that it was a Bible name, only spelled Zechariah. I really liked that about it. I had some reservations about the length of the name though. Since we knew it would go with the middle name Matthew, it made the name really long. In the end that didn't matter.

I remember a few weeks before I had the baby Matt was telling his friends that he wanted the name to be Ryan Matthew. I would never say what my first pick was, but it was Jamin Matthew. I went into the delivery room ready to use my name choice. I still wanted to wait and see the baby first to be sure, but I was pretty sure it was for him. And I thought I could probably get my way.

My labor and delivery nurses kept asking if we had a name for the baby yet, and I kept telling them no. I fell in love with my son at first sight. He was such a big squishable baby. The doctor and all the nurses were shocked at his size. They couldn't wait to weigh him. While the nurses were cleaning him up, weighing him, and all the fun stuff, one of the shouted "Do we have a name for this little guy yet?" I looked at Matt and asked him what his choice was. I was just not sure. Then one of the nurses said "He needs a good, sturdy name for such a big, sturdy guy." With that statement, I knew she was right. And I knew that Jamin did not suit him. I looked at Matt, who looked back at me waiting for me to name this child, and I said he is a Zachariah. Matt smiled and agreed. So, we introduced Zachariah Matthew to our family. And we both insisted that his nickname be spelled Zac. Most of our family knows him by that, but I call him by his full name most of the time as do a few other people. And his full name is quite long, but it doesn't really matter. We get people that misunderstand and call him Zachery, but I just correct them. It's not a big deal. I'm sure he'll explain that all his life, but I always have to tell people how to spell my name and it doesn't hurt me. He is Zachariah Matthew S______, and I do not regret a thing about it.


Mommy Brain said...

I love the name AND hearing how you chose it.

Sara said...

I love the thought process!

Anonymous said...

I agree that it's great to hear your process.

I also have to say that I love the name Graham. I never really thought of it before, but as soon as I read it here I loved it instantly.

Jana said...

It sounds like his name fits him perfectly. I just love knowing the reasons why people pick certain names for their kids.

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

That is a great story!

By the way, I dated a boy named Jamon (I assume pronounced the same as Jamin) in high school. He was HOT.