Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas decorations

I haven't begun to decorate for Christmas yet, but it's in the front of my mind. I usually start as soon after Thanksgiving as I can.

Last year I remember putting the tree up in the evening after Zachariah went to bed. He was almost 9 months old then and he was starting to crawl and cruise. He did really well staying away from the tree. I also made sure to not have any ornaments on the bottom 6 inches or so of the tree.

This year I'm thinking Zachariah will like helping me decorate. We helped my mom put up some of her Christmas decorations while we were there over the weekend. He really like "hanging" the ornaments, so I will let him do that with our tree too. You could definitely tell where he put them, because he would clump them all together in the front. But it was really cute that he loved helping, so we just left them there.

I did ask Matt to get my boxes out of the garage before he left. I would like to really clean the living room before I get everything out, though. I usually rearrange the furniture, but I can't think of a good way to put things this year. I will probably just move the couch a little and see if that give me enough room. So far I have dusted EVERYTHING in this room. Tomorrow morning I plan to vacuum the floors, under furniture, and baseboards. And I should probably wash the big picture window too. Then I'll feel ready to get everything out.

I don't go all crazy for Christmas, but it is the only holiday I decorate my house for. I put up an artificial tree, some lights and ornaments to complete it. Then I have some greenery with lights that I put on the piano. And I have several candle holders, a nativity set, and a few other little knick-knacks that I set on the tables, piano, and other places like that. That's pretty much it. I had some Christmas towels I put in the kitchen too. But it's fun to do something new to the house every year. I like getting things out.

Two years we put white icicle lights up on the front of the house, but it's been a while since we've done that. Matt told me that he'd like to get some big colored bulbs to line the front of the house next year. That will be fun. I've always been after him to help decorate, but he isn't usually interested.

Do you like to decorate for Christmas? What is your favorite part? And what types of things do you do? Does your family help or does it mostly fall on you?


Anonymous said...

Every year I sort of wonder why I decorate. I end up doing it all alone and while it's sort of fun, it isn't my favorite thing. I like decorating the house but I despise decorating the tree. I actually really hate putting a tree up period and we haven't had one for a couple of years. But what's worse than all that? Putting the stuff all away when it's over. Ugh! & I am the type that by Dec 26 I'm over it and I want it gone and put away, which I get to do all by myself again. Sometimes I'm such a bah humbug! I hope Peanut will change that for me.

Jana said...

Most of the decorating is usually left to me, which means only the inside of our house gets decorated. My hubby does put the lights on the tree, but only because I get so frustrated trying to untangle them that I just make it worse.

We're trying to figure out where to put the tree this year so that little 13 month old hands don't get into it. Unfortunately, our son is not quite at the "helper" stage like your little guy!

Sara said...

I think my favorite is putting lights outside since we never did that when I was a kid. I also buy each of the kids an ornament every year that reminds me of them and I label it with the year and their name. Ed's mom did it for all of her children, and a few years ago she gave us all of Ed's from the time he was a baby. I think it's a great tradition.

desperate housewife said...

I do enjoy decorating for Christmas, usually, although this year we haven't yet and I'm not looking forward to it as much as usual. I think I'm just worn out from keeping the house so stinkin' clean, I don't feel like adding another chore!
We don't usually do a lot to the outside, although I'd really like to. Maybe some icicle lights this year.

Nowheymama said...

We just did a tabletop tree last year, so this will be Eli's first year living with a full size tree. Should be interesting!