Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bonus baby name discussion

OK, so I thought about some other baby name things that I'd like to discuss. I'm going to continue this topic.

Do you think the first child's name sets the precedent for future baby naming? I worry that since I picked such a strong boys' name, a Biblical boys' name, that I'll be expected to stick with that. It's possible that I'd chose another boy's name from the Bible. But I'm more unlikely to chose a Biblical girl's name. I lean more toward trendy-sounding names for girls especially. I don't know why. So, did the name Zachariah restrict me for all future names?

Also, I wanted to tell you the girl names Matt and I like in case we ever have twin girls. Since there are twins in both sides of our families it is always a possibility, but mostly we just joke about it. It would be Laila and Anya. What do you think? Do those work together?

That's all I had to add for now. Just wanted to get those things out there before I forgot about them.


Anonymous said...

I say no, you name what you want, how you want, biblical or no.

& love LOVE Laila and Anya!

Mommy Daisy said...

OK, so since Shelly and I were having an e-mail discussion, I thought I'd add it here.

I don't know what middle names we'd pair with Laila and Anya. Maybe Laila Nicole (since we've discussed that before). What do you think of Anya Grace? (Grace was my great-grandmother's name.) Laila Nicole and Anya Grace? That just might work.

Honestly, though, I'm not hoping for twins. Maybe they'd make good names for future girls though.

d e v a n said...

I think, to some degree, that the 1st child's name does restrict the following kids names.
It's not a hard and fast rule, of course. But I do think it makes a difference. It's been a big discussion around here to make sure that all the kids names sound good together, though they don't all have to be biblical or English or Irish or whatever, kwim?

Sleepynita said...

Well as far as the first kid's name having any effect on the next kid... I don;t think it does. BUT... that being said Dad! and I may try to keep our trend of an 1980's movie name for the first name and a middle name after a Chef going....

We are so lame.

PS Thank goodness you ditched the Jamin, your son is SO OT a Jamin (plus that is the name of a cheap home builder here. Funny how Name associations go for some people).

andria said...

Our Jacob would have been Ethan if I'd have had my way. He was born eight weeks early, though, and I was just so happy he was alive and healthy I would have named him dishrag at that point, but I let husband have Jacob since he wouldn't let it go. The name polls wouldn't deter him.

Since husband got number one, he totally gave me control of number two and I went with Adam. Never meaning to give both our kids biblical names at all BUT everyone else I guess thinks we did it on purpose. Every new person we meet comments on their biblical names and, honestly, I like Eve for the girl, but Adam and Eve, so not fair.

But to the question: I didnt' choose my daughter's name because it was biblical (which it is, Elizabeth), but my husband really thought we should stick with the "the theme" and the only names he'd agree to came from the bible.

And now, if I had a fourth (which is so unlikely), I'd want to go with Peyton or Erinn and that would be kind of weird after three bible names.

Guy Davis said...

I like both Laila and Anya. You're right that Zachariah is a unique name though, much better than a common one.

Mom said...

I like your name choices for the girls and I don't think you have to do a theme unless you want to, and like you said with the first you probably won't know until you meet the baby.
For us, our last name begins with a 'U' so I was obsessed with initials...I didn't want it to be P.U or something like that. My husband and I are both in a field where you constantly use your initials so I am obsessed! We went with Gwenyth and we call her Gwen. We compromised on the spelling of it so she will have to deal with that all of her life. Who knows what we will do with the next one, Gwen is the only name we discussed.

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

I don't think you have to stick with a theme, but it would be strange to have a kid named Zachariah and another named Rufus!

I just love these discussions! So fun!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that we named our daughter Anya Grace. We thought it was a nice compromise between trendy and traditional. You should just make yourselves happy in naming; you'll never be able to please all the extended family, social circles, and etiquette rules. Good luck!