Saturday, November 24, 2007

Little Piggie

We headed up to my parents' house Wednesday evening. We just got home late this afternoon. I am EXHAUSTED! But we had a great time. We enjoyed Thanksgiving Day, complete with two big meals. We loved seeing all our family that we see only twice a year or so. And it was great staying with my parents. We all get along great, and Zachariah loved spending so much time with "pa pa" and "maw bahb" (Grandpa & Grandma Barb). Plus, I was thrilled that my sister and her husband ended up staying the whole weekend with us too. They live nearby (about 1/2 hour drive), but they were enjoying our company. Rachel even had to work Friday and Saturday morning, but she just went to work while we did other things and we saw her in the afternoon/evening.

Grandpa & Grandma gave Zachariah this cheap little piggie bank Wednesday night to play with. It's something one of them got at work for a promotional thing. He thought it was pretty neat. We only had to show him once how to put money in it. Then he was off. Friday night after dinner Zachariah decided to feed his piggie. He went around asking everyone for "more" money. When he realized that they were reaching into their pockets to find this money. So he tried cutting out the middle man and getting into everyone's pockets himself. It was so funny. Then he'd go ask someone else for money. He did quite well getting his piggie fund started. (I'm not sure what he's saving for yet...maybe a rainy day.)


Jana said...

Maybe he's saving for his college fund?

Anonymous said...

No fair! None of my relatives will give me any money!