Friday, November 9, 2007

My Best Friend(s)

Sara over at Suburban Oblivion gave us NaBloPoMo-ers some ideas to post about for her enjoyment. I think I'll take her up on that, because today I find myself at a loss of words.

This is all about how I met my best friend. This is a big hard for me to answer, because I can't really pinpoint a "best" friend. So, I will tell you about my favorite friends.

First and foremost, Matt is my best friend. We were friends first, then we started dating. But maybe I'll save that story for another time. This seems to be a popular blog topic with fellow bloggers. Matt is my lover, friend, and confidant. But there are some things that we just don't talk about. He's not a woman, so I think that's the clincher with certain topics.

I am very close to my mom (and dad really). I've know her all my life (duh), and we've always gotten along nicely. I was an easy teen. And I remember coming home and telling her all about my day every day after school from Elementary school through part of college (until I got married). If my parents asked me how my day had been, they really cared. And I always told them. I love that I had this relationship with my parents growing up. And I respect them even more now. I love seeing my mom with her one and only grandchild, my son. She's an awesome grandma, and Zachariah adores her. I have a new respect for my parents now that I have my own child. Plus I think I see that they did what was best for us, but that doesn't mean that's what's best for my life or child.

Then another of my best friends is my sister, Rachel. Rachel is 4 years younger than me. And it's great that we get along so well. We've always gotten along well, but our friendship really grew after I got married. Then once she was out of high school it got stronger, and stronger yet when I had a baby and she got married. I don't have to watch what I say to Rachel. She understands and she won't hold things against me. I also never had to fear judgement from her. And if she has a problem, she can just tell me. I love that our friendship has gotten stronger and stronger over the years. And I know once she has children, we'll have so many things that we can share.

So, these are my best friends. It's hard to define what a best friend is. But I have plenty of people who care about me greatly, and it's nice knowing I have people who truly understand me.

How about you? Who is/are your best friend(s)? How did you meet? And how do you define a best friend?


Suburban Oblivion said...

My best friend and I grew up next door to each other. We've known each other since we were 7! :)

Sara said...

I have had the same best friend (outside of hubby) since I was 11. My other 2 very close friends and I have been friends since 7th grade.