Saturday, November 17, 2007

Parties, sisters, and football

That title sums up my day. Oh and some cousin loving. (I visited with my cousin who was in town for a short while this morning. It was nice to see her again.) We went to my parents' house today for our annual Ohio State vs. Michigan game. This is practically a state holiday. And it's a family tradition to gather for the game, cheer on our Buckeyes, and stuff ourselves with wonderful food. And in case you care, Ohio State won! Thank you, Beanie!

Look at the picture below of all that yummy food. I took close up photos, and I plan to post a few recipes for your enjoyment. We ate very well.

I hope that you had a fun Saturday like us. Enjoy!


Misty said...

Very fun... We lived in Michigan for 6 years and remember what a big deal these rival's games were... Have to say that I am glad ohio won, and even more glad that I am no longer there! :)

Anonymous said...

Go Buckeyes!!!

When my Cleveland-born cousin decided to go to MSU, he was nearly excommincated!