Monday, November 5, 2007

Pulling it together

Sometimes I feel really organized, and other times I feel like the most scatter-brained person alive. I've found that the scatter-brained thing has gotten worse since having a child. If something comes to mind, I have to write it down immediately or I will not remember it until it's too late.

This also affects things in my every day life. My house is in general order, but I feel like behind the scenes it's falling apart. And I'm so overwhelmed by the things I should do that I do nothing instead. Then I get angry with myself and beat myself up for doing nothing. I keep up with the daily tasks, but beyond that is where I feel myself falling apart.

With the holidays approaching, I want to get some things in order before gearing up completely for Christmas. Today I detail cleaned my whole bathroom. I also put up a new shower curtain that I've been holding onto for over a year. (That's another story for another time.) But I felt like there is no reason to be saving it, so why not enjoy it now. It felt so good. I have also finished painting the closet doors, so that's one more thing that will make sure a difference for me.

My goal for this month is to find one extra thing (like deep cleaning the bathroom, or sorting through a closet, or other details like that) each day. I think this will give me more peace of mind. And in the end I will feel better about my house and be able to relax and really enjoy the holidays.


Shannon said...

ohhhhh, I totally know that feeling! I blame it on kids.

Jana said...

That sounds like a great goal....I might be able to get into that one.

Plus, I meant to tell you that your pumpkin cookies were awesome! I served them at playgroup and everyone loved them. Definitely a keeper!

Sara said...

oh, I feel your pain. It's hard to accomplish anything!

I'm with Jana too---best cookies ever!

K in the Mirror said...

My house isn't even in general order. You're ahead of me.

Ask my sister how many of your cookies she ate.

Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

My suggestion would be to make a or list of the things you can do (mine would be: ironing, cleaning the baseboards, organizing the garage, organizing the cupboards, organizing the pantry, organizing the linen closet, going through the kids clothes and putting away what doesn't fit and taking out the bigger clothes). Might help to keep you on task. I'm a big list maker, so that kind of stuff works for me. (BTW, sorry for being AWOL on your blog. Somehow, your blog disappeared off my reader! grrr)