Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Giving Thanks

Last weekend while we were at my parents' church (the church I grew up in), I heard a great sermon about being thankful from the pastor. He didn't talk about the traditional Thanksgiving stuff. He spoke about how thankfulness is about relationships and not things. It went into a discussion about what are things without people in our lives. It was very neat.

Of course I am thankful for the usual things, my family, my husband, my son, etc. But I am really thankful that I have two loving parents who didn't always give me everything I wanted...but they've always loved me MORE than I needed. I'm thankful for two caring sisters in my life. I'm thankful that God provided for me a perfect (for me) husband that can put up with all my silly ways (like waiting for me to finish dishes before we left the house today, when he just wanted to get going already).

I'm very thankful for my son. I prayed for him for over a year before he was even conceived. I prayed that God would bless me with a child who would grow up to serve Him. I knew God had a plan for my family. I knew that if I wasn't meant to had children He could take that burning desire in my heart for one away. I prayed daily, and every day it got harder. I finally came to a peace about it. I knew God's plan was better than mine. And before I ever expected, I found out I was pregnant. Now I see this beautiful little boy every day. And I'm thankful, very thankful to be a mother. I'm very thankful Matt is his father. And I'm thankful to God for my wonderful family.

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Sara said...

Happy Thanksgiving.