Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Back to the zoo

On Saturday we took Zachariah to the Toledo Zoo along with Matt's parents. It was a hot, Hot, HOT day, so a lot of the animals were resting and trying to stay cool. However, we did get a few neat pictures. Zachariah had a blast. This zoo is bigger than the last one we went to, and they had some animals the he didn't get to see before. He liked the polar bears, elephants, and of course petting (and hugging) all the goats he could get his hands on. In fact he tried to climb up on the poor goats who were trying to lay down. I'm not sure why my son is such an animal lover, but he is. It's neat to see him developing an interest in something like that already. We took several rides too. We all went on the train ride through the African safari, and then Grandpa Chuck bought Zachariah a ticket for the carousel so I could go with him. It took him a while to really have fun with that. He liked it, but about half-way through he really started enjoying it and waved at everyone all the way around and around. Then there was a duck who tried to bite Zachariah's hand off for a cookie. Zac is used to sharing with the dog, and he reached down towards the duck with the cookie still in his hand. I think he was trying to pet it, but we quickly shooed the duck away and bribed it with a cracker.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know you where from Ohio. I'm from Cleveland, you know. Although, I must confess that I've never been to the Toledo zoo. The Cleveland zoo is very nice, too.

MrsGrumpy said...

Oooh! I love the hugging the goat picture. We just went to the zoo as well (Detroit...if you have a pass I think you can get in free there) and spent half the day cooling off in the polar bear underwater viewing tube. Zoo trips are my favorite with the kids.

Devan said...

great pics!

Kelli in the Mirror said...

So cute. We used to go to the Cleveland Zoo when my grandparents lived there. It's nice.

I think little kids are such big animal lovers because the real thing exceeds expectations so much. You read about them in a book and you don't get how big and furry and amazing they are, and then when they really see a lion or a giraffe or whatever they're amazed at how GREAT it is. :) Other things don't always deliver that kind of punch.

Glad you're feeling good enough to post.