Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Zoo

Today we went to the zoo. The Learning Center where I tutor was taking some of the kids on a field trip. Matt thought it sounded like fun to come along. Plus we have a zoo membership, and we've planned to take Zachariah a lot anyway. We had a great time. We all split up when we got there, and we ended up with a group of 6 girls. Three of them are sisters (2 of which are identical twins, luckily I can usually tell them apart), 4 just-finished 2nd graders, 1 just-finished 3rd grader, and 1 just-finished 4th grader. They really were pretty good for us. We had a super time. And Zachariah loved the zoo. He was great in spite of his lack of napping today. He has always seemed to love animals, and this day just confirmed it. He loved the calf at the petting zoo so much, that he leaned in and hugged it. Luckily the calf was so busy happily licking Matt's arm, that he didn't mind all the hugging. (He also hugged several goats, and I think he would have liked to jump in with the orangutans.) So, here are a few pictures to document our day. There are so many more, but I thought these were some of the best ones.

Our group of monkeys.

A HUGE 23 year-old orangutan. We watched him swing/climb over to the female and wrap his scarf around her neck. Monkey-love is so cute.

They did not have any real elephants at this particular zoo, but Zachariah got to see the next best thing - an elephant skeleton. As you can see he wanted to touch and feel.

I swear the stork dropped him off.

Getting a chance to pose on the giant tortoise statue.

Oh, and in case you didn't notice... I found a cute shirt to match one of Zachariah's many green shorts. This was great for a day at the zoo.


desperate housewife said...

Looks like you had fun. I've been meaning to take Addy to the zoo all summer! Oh well, maybe we'll make it yet.

Mommy Brain said...

That egg shot is just too cute. We have a membership to our local zoo. It's usually way too crowded with school trips during the spring but now that it's summer I'm hoping to get there more often again.